Quit Smoking Membership: Scheduling Tricks to Help You Quit


Just like having a membership at a gym that keeps you to a fitness schedule, using a calendar and trying new things every week will work to help you quit smoking. It may be just for you. You’re used to schedules, right?

  • You work – You have to be there at a certain time.
  • You’re in a relationship — You have to make calls, be places, and remember certain dates.
  • You’re a parent – You are not only responsible for keeping your life in order you are the management hub for your children, scheduling their homework, getting them up in time for school, etc.

So stick to what you know, keep to a schedule that you can follow, something familiar—a sense of order by demand. Here are a few things that you should put on your calendar to try every week.

  • Schedule an activity – something to keep your mind stress free. There are a number of things that fit into this category (playing video games, socializing with friends, spending time with family, etc.)
  • Cutting back – by either taking one less drag if you do smoke, or subtracting one less cigarette from your daily dosage.
  • Talk to someone – discuss your goals to quit, share personal stories and open up often.

Remember to have days off. By days off, I don’t mean visit a smoke buffet—I mean take a break from the strenuous concentration you put on quitting, then get back to being productive the next day. You don’t want to exhaust yourself. This can only hurt you more, and cause more stress. For example, a fitness enthusiast who works must rest, and take a day off in order for their muscles to grow during sleep, or else they are continuously ripping and tearing muscles without re-building the tissue.

Give yourself time to rebuild your determination.

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