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As colorful as your emotions, roses can help you convey your messages with their wide range of hues. Before you get overwhelmed with color options in flower shops, take time to know what each shade of this favorite flower means to help you make the most fitting choice. Make sure you pick the roses perfect for the person or the occasion.

Ready for Red

It’s best to give red roses only to someone you feel deeply for. Since the ancient times, red roses have always been featured in stories of undying love or passions that lead to tragedy – something like “till death do us part.” Stories say that Aphrodite’s tears and the blood of her lover, Adonis, have produced this symbolic deep hue of a rose.

But it can also be for non-romantic purposes, the USA’s Kentucky Derby awards its winning racehorse with an elaborate garland of red roses with a single rose pointing upwards, symbolizing everything the winner needed to best everyone in race. Perhaps, you can adopt the idea in your next sporting event to congratulate the victor.

Why White?

White roses denote purity, making them the common choice for bouquets and decorations for weddings and religious ceremonies. Also, it is the original “default color” for roses – and not red.

The reasons to give white roses can range from emphasizing your pure intention to court someone to expressing sympathy to a person or a family who is grieving. In fashion, white rose boutonnieres never fail to look great on the male wedding entourage.

But you can put tradition and virtues on the side in favor of highlighting creativity in some cases. You can use particular shades and types of white roses, simply because they’re perfect for certain occasions or themes. For instance, in a Winter Wonderland theme party, brilliant white roses will look stunning against a backdrop combination of blue, silver, and white hues.

It’s a classic and sophisticated choice. If you have a special lady who exudes that same classiness and elegance, then you know that a white rose or bouquet would be a fitting choice.

Pick Pink

Reminding you of blushing cheeks, pink roses often mean blossoming love, admiration, and romantic feelings that aren’t as passionate (yet) as those associated with red roses. So if you think it’s too soon or quite improper to send a bunch of reds, make them pink instead.

Light to medium pink shades are ideal if you want to brighten someone’s day, start expressing feelings more than friendship, or say that you enjoyed dinner last night. This is also a lovely color for bridal or bridesmaid’s bouquets, especially for daytime or garden weddings.

Many say that the darker versions should be saved for messages of appreciation. But if you think the intended receiver loves fuchsia, old rose, or other deeper hues of pink, let not the “rules” stop you from sending such colors.

Hello, Yellow!

In certain circles of society, yellow roses are said to depict jealousy. But especially today, perhaps yellow is a color that’s too cheery to be associated with such negativity. Many choose these sunny flowers to convey friendliness and happiness. In fact, they’re ideal to cheer up sick patients, new mothers, and even friends who have been down in the dumps lately.


Roses do have a range of orange shades – from the boldest tangerine to the subtlest peach. As it is a combination of yellow and red, orange gives off both vibes of love and friendship. If you’re a couple who successfully crossed that dreaded line from platonic to romantic relationship, orange-hued roses are a perfect symbol.

In addition, roses in the best shades of coral or peach aren’t the most common. So they’re also best fit for a person who embraces uniqueness and creativity. They’ll also make events meant to impress the most discriminating guests. Champagne roses, for instance, are always elegant yet unexpected.

Gotta Love Lavenders

Part of the mysticism of lavender roses are due to their rarity. Also, purple and its family mean royalty in most societies, making roses of these shades channel fairy tales and fantasies. If you want to say some kind of magical feeling, admiration, or love at first sight, choose an arrangement that’s perfectly lavender. And you might want to give it yourself, instead of delivered anonymously. You’d love the priceless look of fascination on the receiver’s face.

Don’t let these colors and meanings hinder you, though. If you’ve got undefined feelings about a lovely lady that you definitely want to see again, don’t let the opportunity pass you by – send a bouquet of roses of different colors just to let her know that she’s special enough to you.

Let the colors guide you on what to give to that special someone or on what to include in your next event design. But let your creativity flow, too. Let all these shades help you say what you want to say in the lovely language of roses.


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