Smoke Free Life Step Program Step 7


Smoking is not a habit and it does not exist. The real reason you continue to smoke is to feed the little nicotine monster inside your stomach. The nicotine in your body has to be fed regularly. You the smoker decide when to feed this monster. Normally when you smoke it is on four types of occasions or a combination of occasions.

  1. Boredom
  2. Concentration
  3. Stress
  4. Relaxation

Smoking is not a magic drug and when you smoke the effect of the cigarette can reverse it self-in fewer than twenty minutes. Consider the times when you smoke in your lives there is only four occasions besides sleeping. The truth is smoking cannot relieve boredom and stress in your life. Smoking does not promote concentration or relaxations. This is an illusion you have that when you smoke it is for one of these reasons.

Nicotine is a drug and a powerful poison used in insecticides. If you took the nicotine content of one cigarette and injected it into your veins, it would kill you. Tobacco contains many poisons, including carbon monoxide, and the tobacco plant is the same genus as “deadly nightshade”.

If you smoke cigarettes, pipes, or cigars all tobacco contains poisons and nicotine. Doctors recommend the use of patches, nicotine gums, nasal sprays and inhalators to quit smoking. You are still injecting poisons into your body. The human body is the most sophisticated object on our planet. On our planet, no species can survive without knowing the difference between food and poison. Over the last thousand of years our minds and bodies have developed techniques to distinguish between food and poisons. You have found the fail-safe method of ejecting poisons into your body through cigarettes.

When you smoked your first cigarette immediately your body rejected the poisons and you went into a coughing fit. If you smoked too many cigarettes the first time you felt dizzy and physically sick. This was your body warning you to stop now because you were feeding it poisons. It was then that you made the choice to continue smoking or stop after your first cigarette. Some of you were lucky that after the first cigarette you never wanted another one. Others did not take this warning because they were weak and continued to smoke. You forced yourself to learn how to inhale the cigarette without coughing.

Many smokers believe they enjoy the smell and taste of tobacco. This is an illusion from cigarette companies and advertising. You do not enjoy the taste and smell of cigarettes you are just training your body to become immune to cigarettes. You have forced yourself to smoke cigarettes so you can have your fix of nicotine. If you run out of your favorite brand of cigarette and someone offers you a brand you find distasteful do you stop smoking? No you do not because you’re addicted to the drug. Once you’re addicted to nicotine you will smoke an old rope rather than giving up cigarettes. You’re now addicted to drugs and even if you’re sick you’ll continue to smoke. You will smoke if you have a cold, flu, sore throat, bronchitis and emphysema. Enjoying the cigarette has nothing to do with the reasons you smoke. You smoke because you’re addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes. Many ex-smokers continue to chew the filthy nicotine chewing gum doctors prescribe to help you stop smoking.

Why can you not give up smoking? The answer is easy you’re brainwashed into believing cigarettes are good for you. After you stop smoking the chemical addiction is easy to cope with but the brainwashing is hard to cope with. That is what stops so many people from giving up cigarettes. The chemical addiction is easy to cope with and you do it every day. When you sleep and before your first cigarette of the day you have stopped smoking for eight to ten hours. But during the day if you’re made to stop smoking for eight to ten hours you would be pulling out your hair.

The true nicotine addiction is not the main problem in giving up smoking. The nicotine acts like a catalyst to keep your mind confused over the real problem of brainwashing. If you are a lifelong or heavy smoker it is just as easy for you to stop smoking as a casual smoker. It is actually easier for you to stop smoking. The further you go on with your life smoking the more it drags you down. When you stop smoking you have so much more to gain in your life.

The stop smoking campaigns say it takes seven years for the gunge to leave your body or for every cigarette you smoke you take five minutes off your life. These statements are untrue and the bad effects of smoking exaggerated. The facts about smoking are understated and hidden by the cigarette companies. The five minute rule only applies if you have contacted one of the killer diseases or just gunge yourself to a standstill.

Once you have smoked the gunge never leaves your body completely. If you are near a smoker or smoke is in the atmosphere you’ve acquired a small percentage of gunge in your body. Your body is an incredible machine and has enormous powers of recovery. Provided you haven’t already triggered one of the irreversible diseases. If you stop now, today, your body will recover within a few weeks. It is almost like you have never smoked before in your life.

If you stop now today it is not too late. Consider the further the drug drags you down the greater the relief will be when you stop. When you finally stop the joy you will feel in your life. It will be easy to deal with the pang of nicotine withdrawal if you can remove the brainwashing. The brainwashing is what keeps you smoking not the need to smoke.

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