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Motivation is a psychological feature that makes a person do work to reach a desired goal and similarly controls the behaviours towards it. A person is motivated by the desire to achieve something and it is said that the key to successfully accomplish a goal is to be motivated and determined. We come across so many tasks in life which we don’t like to complete. Yet we find stimulus to complete it.

Motivation is the most important factor you can add to your personality.

Without Motivation, no task in the world can be completed.

– Writers, when writing a book, start with 1 page but then it’s the motivation which drives them ahead to complete the book.

– The Great Wall of China started with 1 brick.

– The Great pyramids started with 1 stone.

So , it’s all up to Motivation and Consistency.

Let’s enumerate few ideas as to see how we can manage to stay motivated most of the time:

1) Be Positive.

There are several reasons behind the work you do. But its important that you find the good ones . Finding the good reasons boost your resolution and makes you motivated to finish it off for your own good.

A good reason will help you get a lot of encouragement and desire back, helping you finish that tedious task and ensuring that you walk away with a feeling of accomplishment.

Completion of task is very important whether you like it or not and as all the big accomplishments in life have relied on less pleasant task so its quite necessary to find motivation via good reasons.

2) Approach Life Differently

When stuck at a point and you don’t feel right , its a really good time to go back and have a look at the mission and then start again with a different approach or with a different strategy. Going back and looking at the task again will certainly find you a number of way to correct your previous approach which may also end up opening new opportunities for you. There is always a way to accomplish something. Focus on your goal and explore all the options you have in hand to grab that goal.

3) Reward Yourself

Rewarding yourself is always pleasant. It is one of the best ways to stay motivated. As soon as you progress to the next step , take time to reward yourself in some way. Even if others don’t see it worth celebrating, you take time and do it! Rewarding for your honest progress will help you climb towards your dream.

Well these were some ways of staying motivated. Never limit your options. With the help of these options make your strategy to get your work done. Find a good reason to work on the given task. Identify the funnier ways it can be done. Keep tracking your progress in the task and if honestly made a progress then reward yourself. This will surely help you feel more motivated about anything you want to do in life.

Stay healthy. Stay motivated. Breathe Happy.

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