Travelling’s Positive Impact on Health


When most people think about vacations, they simply think about time spent away from work and the hustle and bustle of their daily routine. Many do not realize that traveling, especially abroad, can be beneficial to their overall health. Yes, your physical and mental health can be rejuvenated and even increased, simply through travel.

According to scientific studies, taking a yearly vacation can cut your chances of suffering a heart attack by 50% and decreases your levels of stress. Additionally, women have been found to increased security and comfort in their marriages due to the refreshing side effects of travelling.

Interaction with new cultures and ideals has been found to cause your own lifestyle to be viewed through fresh eyes. The reevaluation causes positive changes that become long term habits that bear positive impacts upon your well-being. Also, removing yourself from the confines of the social hierarchy that you have allowed to dictate your life removes a great deal of stress as you learn that the world holds varying things important; and none of those things must dictate you.

As you travel, your blood circulation improves due to your focus being on the thrill and excitement of the memories being made rather than the stress of deadlines and more.

A study conducted in 2013, brought the following health benefits of travel to light:

· Employees that use their vacation time to travel (as opposed to staying home) are less likely to “mentally check out”, have higher morale when working and are more productive.

· Approximately 1/3 of travelers experienced an increase in their sex drive and sexual activity.

· Students who travelled abroad were more likely to complete their degree programs in a timely manner and also tend to earn an average of 40% more upon entering the job market.

In addition, the walking, biking, hiking, swimming, etc. that is a staple in the realm of travel and vacationing. These activities combat obesity, increase blood flow and increase your heart rate in proper intervals. Since the activities take place outside of a gym and are not confined by hours of operation, they come naturally to travelers. Many of these activities are often integrated into daily routines once the vacation has completed because the traveler has a new perspective on exercise and how to achieve it.

Newer studies are currently under way that are exploring the health benefits for those with diabetes. Early results indicate that, for children at least, vacationing abroad could possibly be an added weapon in the arsenal to combat the disease. The introduction to new ways of preparing foods, alternative food options and the activity levels of children where one visits seems to play a major role in the early results.

Moreover, your vacation time that you earn from your employer should be used. Take the time to rejuvenate and replenish your most precious asset…yourself. Reduce your stress and chances of suffering life altering (or ending) ailments while you enjoy creating memories with those you hold near and dear. Learn more about yourself as you improve upon the greatness that is already you.

Photo courtesy of Adria Tours.

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