Using Pinterest to Make You Healthier and Happier


It used to be if you wanted to clean up your diet or cut down on the chemicals you used on your body, you were pretty much stuck with bland, tasteless “health” recipes and the dubious home remedies that came from your grandmother’s kitchen. Today, all you have to do to find exactly what you need to be healthier and happier is pop over to Pinterest.

The highly visual nature of Pinterest makes it the perfect platform for sharing recipes of all kinds from dinner and dessert to health and skin care. User-created boards and a simple search system allow you to effortlessly browse a wealth of ideas for making every aspect of your life healthier. The best part is the ideas are visually presented to you. No need to waste time clicking through to websites.

Pinterest is the Foodie Heaven

Any foodie who has ever flipped through a cookbook can appreciate the stunning array of healthy recipes on Pinterest. While a traditional search engine will turn up many delicious meal ideas, only Pinterest can present them the way they’re meant to be experienced: with full-color photos and the option to share. If you have an ingredient in the refrigerator that you have no idea what to do with, a Pinterest search will deliver enough suggestions to keep you cooking for weeks.

Raw? Vegan? No Problem!

Veganism used to be a fringe diet, and raw food was considered even more “weird.” Pinterest users blow these stereotypes away with a virtual library of raw vegan recipes. From fruit-studded breakfast bowls to squash pasta with raw tomato sauce, there’s a new dish for every meal. You can even have your chocolate and eat it, too with ideas such as avocado chocolate pudding and raw brownie balls. This amazing variety makes it simple to follow a raw lifestyle while getting all the nutrients you need and enjoying every bite.

Restaurant Food, Revisited

Unfortunately, restaurant food can be the downfall of a healthy lifestyle. Menus make dishes with unhealthy levels of calories, fat and salt look so appetizing that it’s hard to resist. Pinterest solves this problem by providing you with all the restaurant copycat recipes that you need, using ingredients you feel good about eating. Search for a specific dish, component or restaurant to find the memorable meals from the last time you ate our and re-create them at home. This gives you complete control over what goes into the dish so you can enjoy all of the flavor without any of the heavy, sluggish feeling of having just eaten an entire days’ worth of calories in one sitting.

Feeling Better Without a Doctor

The platform of Pinterest isn’t only a great place for foodies; it’s also a good go-to when you need a quick remedy for a common malady such as stuffiness or a sore throat. Just type “home remedy” in the search bar and you’ll be rewarded with page after page of helpful tips. The search suggestion bar can help you find the exact problem you’re trying to alleviate, or you can input a condition directly. Keep in mind, however, that remedies posted on Pinterest are based on user’s experiences and may not be effective, so use caution when trying any tips.

Tame that Troubled Skin

Skin care products can be pricey and may contain unpleasant chemicals. Before you empty your wallet trying to ease dry patches, treat acne or simply keep your skin looking healthy, search for skin care on Pinterest. You’ll find recipes for products and even high-quality product facts from companies like Nu Skin and PopSugar, and  like you can make at home to counteract many common skin problems.

The next time you need a healthy option for anything from food to personal care, remember that the landscape of Pinterest is right at your fingertips.

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