Goodness of The Greens Around You


Life is a busy and most of us spend our days shifting our focus from one activity to the other. Most of our days culminate by leaving us tired and often stressed about pending or some upcoming work. All this leaves us tired struggling for some sleep before another day starts. You may be a super mom trying to find a balance between home and work, or a dad doing the same job or else any human being who has some duties and responsibilities to fulfill. Sometimes you feel you are constantly trying to pursue one thing or the other so much so that we miss some moments that we could have enjoyed. One can make these moments special by becoming aware of the environment around us.

These moments are none other than those spend amidst the greenery that surround you. You don’t have to go too far for that but just walk a few steps to your home or office garden. Just stand and watch the plants and trees around you and then you realize that how quietly and beautifully they have been prospering just next to you while you were busy with your life. Plants have the power to grow even in the most adverse situations. They find their way out and sprout their way to spreading greenery around. Spring is always welcomed after a long and gloomy winter not only for the warmth it brings with it but also the greener surrounding that accompanies it.

Planting a tree or just a small plant gives you immense pleasure as you get to see them growing every day. Believe me it is one of the simplest stress buster to have and all you need to do is care for them. These days one gets to find both indoor and outdoor plants and having any of them near you has a magical impact on you. When you care for plants or even spend some time with them they give you double in return. You get back to your daily chore with a new enthusiasm and some extra fresh air making you even more energetic.

Wake up to a new tomorrow spend some time in your garden or just watch out and see that tree smiling back at you from across the street. You will definitely feel closer to them and also discover a lot of positive energy inside you. Just pass it out and let this aura of positivity make this world a better and healthier place to live. The plants have been here for almost as long as us human beings or may be even more. They have been giving us so much even when we don’t realize and now that we do how about making this relation stronger.


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