Travel – It’ll Transform Your Life for the Better


In his book Wild at Heart, John Eldredge stresses that man was made for the outdoors and is really an adventurer on the inside. No four walls can contain him and that there is always a desire in his heart and soul to travel and be one with nature. Such a statement really makes sense, because no activity in this world is quite as unique and challenging as traveling. It’s full of lifetime moments and overwhelming experiences. Every time you travel, you just get a sense and a feeling of being truly alive.

If you have not had the chance to travel the world yet, you might be stunned to realize that there are a lot of things you are missing out on. Yes, traveling is fun and relaxing, but aside from that, it can also change your life for the better.

One of the ways traveling can have an impact in your life is by improving your health, and not just your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. Research has proven that keeping the brain stimulated can lower the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative disease that affects more than 5 million people in the United States alone. If there is one thing traveling can do best for you, it’s stimulating your brain. Traveling keeps your brain functioning and alert at all times, from learning a foreign language, to finding your way in a city you’ve visited for the first time to making sure all your travel gear with you are safe and intact.

Traveling can also help keep your brain active by giving you the opportunity to learn new things. In my case, for instance, I always see to it I do some research about the place I’m going to visit, causing me to learn the geography of a new country or city. Some travelers I know also spend months learning the language of the country they are planning to visit.

In a physical sense, traveling can help ward off a lot of diseases that plague the world today. In a generation where almost everything can be done through computers, people seem to find time for physical activity. Traveling is no doubt a perfect opportunity to engage in activities that can help keep you active and healthy. Swimming, surfing, trekking, rock climbing, zip lining, and even just walking – all these healthy activities are available to you should you choose to travel.

Another interesting benefit of traveling and seeing the world is that it helps widen your perspective of things and of life in general. Once you begin to see the world by traveling, you will realize that there is more to life than what you have been experiencing within the four walls of your room or your office cubicle. This does not just help you get out of your comfort zone, but also leaves an impact on how you see the world. By seeing and experiencing foreign ideas, cultures, and customs first-hand, you will have a deeper level of understanding and compassion towards other human beings.

Finally, traveling is simply fun and is a very effective way to release stress and break the mundane routine you are in. Work is good, but if all you do is spend your hours sitting in front of your computer in the office, the boring and lifeless routine is eventually going to take a toll on your overall health. For this very reason, consider to plan for a vacation today so that you can explore the world and be the adventurer you really are. After all, man is wild at heart and was made for the outdoors.

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