The Power of Words in a Relationship


The Power of Words in a Relationship

People say that when you meet your soul mate, even your silence speaks a thousand words which are so profound that they simply touch the other one’s heart, but gone are those days!

Today one has to make sure that there isn’t any misunderstanding or miscommunication, which could lead to unpleasant twists and turns in the relationship. Unlike the plot of a novel, real life situations can have various emotional effects on people, some positive whereas some very unpleasant, which is why people should take things seriously before aggravating them.

It is for this very reason; that people speak their minds and create a bond that will last forever, instead of just letting it hang in the abyss of misinterpretations. Yes, everyone wants to live their fairy-tale life, with their Prince Charming but how many of us really end up that way?

What one can aim for is a realistic, fruitful and loving relationship that goes beyond the conventional borders. Something that is not defined by vague or random thoughts instead something that is nurtured, everyday with kind words. It is believed that couples who praise each other for their positives have a better chance at succeeding at their marriage.

Even though it may be a small thing initially, these efforts significantly grow into love, respect and affection for one another.

Honesty, trust and the effort to get to know each other’s woes and troubles is as important as being together during the good times. But the key is to approach each situation with great sensitivity and sincerity.

So what do words essentially stand for and how are they beneficial?

It helps one to get over things rather than letting it pile up inside. They help you express yourself better. It’s better to talk things through and work it out rather than letting the other person keep second guessing and in turn getting frustrated.

You wouldn’t want to ever be the other person in that situation right? So put yourself in their shoes and understand their thought process before quickly jumping into a rash decision.

You will feel much better when you have vented out your argument (in a decent and friendly manner of course) and in retrospect you may even laugh at it when you’ve calmed down.

It helps both of you’ll understand what the other one needs and thereby makes the effort more productive and less taxing.

Once you have cleared things out, whether it is a mistake, fight or clash it won’t get repeated that often, since it is out in the open and if your partner truly loves you their effort to reduce something that upsets you will be quite evident.

You will eventually set a good example for your young ones and in the future when they face tough situations they will approach you without any hesitation. If the world could just talk things through, it would certainly be a much better place. What one has to realize is that when the other partner is being brutally honest, the other has to be calm and non-judgmental and both have to learn to respect each other’s opinion to finally come to a mutual agreement of peace and love!

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