7 Tips to Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy and Beautiful This Winter


Winter is a period of lovely snow and dry air. We all love the cool winds and the dry air; however winter creates havoc on the skin and hair. Winds, dry air and low temperature create rough skin and dry itchy hair which are difficult to maintain. You will find the answer to all your problems in your kitchen cupboard which has most of the ingredients to keep your hair and skin healthy throughout the winter. Let us see some of the tips to keep the hair and skin healthy during winter.

Dressing up in winter clothes

Dressing yourself up in clothes that are best suited for winter is most essential. You need to wrap yourself from head to toe. Clothes for winter should be made of wool or cotton as they keep the body warm and prevent the skin from developing cracks. Common clothes for winter are scarf or hat for the head, gloves for the hands and shoes for the legs. Scarf or hat for the head ensures that your hair does not become frizzy or dry and also keeps your head warm. While at home you need to keep yourself warm with warm clothes and ensure that your feet are covered from the cold winter.

Keeping your house warm

Temperature of the house should be warm and not hot. Keep your room heaters in warm mode. While venturing outside try to wear a good pair of shoes or slippers so that capillaries in the feet don’t break. While you take bath keep in mind that hot showers are very pleasant during winter, but they damage your skin and hair. Keep the water of your bath warm and not hot to prevent the skin from breaking and causing itchy skin. Skin with no breakage or damage is the best for winter.

Haircare during winter

Hair should be properly maintained during the winter so that they are not damaged. Use a gentle shampoo for your hair during winter; this keeps the essential oils of the hair intact. Deep moisturiser ensures that your hair has enough oils and does not develop breakages in the end. Use protein treatment once a week to keep your hair full of nutrients.

Skin care during winter

Skin should be exfoliated regularly to keep it looking young; it also helps to remove dead skin cells and allows new skin cells to develop. Moisturise your skin regularly to prevent it from developing cracks that are very painful during winter when you expose your skin to the dry winds. Use a gentle cleanser for your skin. Deodorant, scented and anti-bacterial soaps remove the essential oils from the skin. Healthy and glowing skin during the winter is a sure attraction.

Care for your hands

Hands face the most damage during winter. They become cracked when exposed to the winter sun and wind. Apply a good hand cream, this is very essential when you don’t use gloves. Massage your hands with moisturiser. Another trick is to apply moisturiser and put on the gloves while you sleep, this is good for people who have very dry skins.

Care for your lips

Lips tend to get chapped during winter. Extra care for the lips is very essential during winter. Vaseline and petroleum jelly are good for the lips as they keep your lips in good condition. Keep your lips soft and don’t rub them too hard as they are delicate.

Healthy Diet

Balanced and healthy diet are crucial for everyone, this is true for winter. A balanced and healthy diet includes vegetables, proteins and other essential nutrients that can keep the body in good condition. A diet lacking in nutrition will keep the hair and skin looking dull. Water should be taken in adequate quantity to keep the body hydrated. Winters are a time when you can enjoy the snow and the cool winds. Let not your dry skin and hair spoil your enjoyment for the day.

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