A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way When Giving Roses


Some people say giving roses has become outdated. However, that should never be the case. The rose is one of the undying symbols of love and affection, and ceasing from giving roses to your loved one is like committing a grave sin.

Still, if the idea of giving a bouquet of roses seems obsolete, perhaps you can try something more creative, like a flower arrangement for instance. Roses are one of the best and most common flowers used in floral arrangements. Roses are elegant, fragrant, and lovely, making it perfect for any kind of occasion.

To get you started, here are some ideas you can check out for your rose flower arrangement:

• Edgy salmon roses. If you want an arrangement that is elegant but at the same time has an edge, you can use a bouquet of salmon-color roses. You can turn it into a classy centerpiece by adding some black feathers that you can buy from craft stores.

• Setting off yellow roses with foliage. For people who want a bright and lively kind of rose flower arrangement, they can use vibrant green and yellows. Combining these two colors can show warmth and happiness. Arrange the roses on one side and prop them up with bells of Ireland, lady’s mantle, golden sage, and yellow-variegated hosta leaves.

• The magic of seven. Many people think they need dozens of roses to make spectacular flower arrangements. This is not entirely true. In a compote dish, anchor the stems using pebbles and use seven roses. Around the roses, place different flowers in the shade of green to create a lush look. To produce a multilevel arrangement, cut the stems in varying lengths. Water the flowers frequently to keep them fresh.

• Berry yellow. Use yellow roses and rest them against berry-laden viburnum branches. Pair other brilliant colors such as bright green to give a little contrast.

• A unique touch of apples. Many people want uniqueness when it comes to their flower arrangements. It is a good idea to pair roses with other objects in terms of shape and color. Great ideas include laying green apples in between the stems of the pink roses. Cut the stems of the rose according to the height of the bowl and push the stems of the rose on the moistened floral foam to be able to produce a stable rim around the apples.

• Bare fragrance. Roses smell wonderful and many people love their smell. Strip roses out of their foliage and pair these with a container of a contrasting color. The lovely-smelling petals and wonderful colors are sure to gain people’s attention.

• Naturally like a garden. Here is another arrangement for people who want a garden-style kind of piece. Cut a rose that is in full bloom from the rose bushes. One needs to make sure to include a lot of the natural foliage and rosebuds. Tuck a few dried buds, making sure these would not look out of place in this messy kind of arrangement.

• Unforgettable roses and beach. When people go to the beach, they usually take souvenirs home. These souvenirs are actually very useful in flower arrangements. A seashell can be used to hold three roses. This can become a very beautiful flower arrangement that can be displayed at end tables and in nightstands. However, there are shells that are not capable of holding water; thus, it is advisable to place the stems in water-filled floral vials.

• Simply roses. There are flower arrangements for people who desire simplicity. Even if roses stand alone, these are still going to look stunning. People can use two or more roses, depending on what they want. Cut the stems short and stick these onto a floral foam. Keep on putting roses until the bowl looks full. People can also cut the stem of the roses only an inch longer than the vase. This is going to make the rose heads drop over the lip of the vase.

Giving roses will never grow old. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to be caught in traditions, try something different by giving rose flower arrangements instead. The perfect rose flower arrangement is always the one that expresses either the personality or the mood of the occasion it is used for.

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