Coping With The Stress Of Being A Parent


Seeing your children happy and cared for is the most rewarding feeling a parent can have.

In the society we live in, our smile of satisfaction involves sacrifice and some of the time stress. As children get older, there seems to be more to worry about. What school they’ll attend, the cost of looking after their day to day expenses, and perhaps further education concerns.

Take one day at a time

Although we are all guilty of it, it’s worthwhile trying to slow down our over active minds as parents. There are plenty of precious moments to bask in with our kids right now that can be snatched away from us by worrying about the future.

The good times we enjoy with our children, if we focus on them properly can relieve stress. So living in the moment not the future can help parents relax and have fun with the kids.

What if your child has behavioral issues?

It’s worthwhile getting to the reason why your child acts the way they do and then address it. Is it an emotional problem? Or is it related to something else? Are there certain things you could do to improve as a parent in dealing with your child? Solving any issues that your children have will not only settle your child but it will also settle you.

All parents make mistakes

Yip! It’s shocking but we all make errors when it comes to raising kids. Some parents have different strengths and weaknesses. Lowering our expectations a little and focusing on doing the best we can with our children helps to keep us emotionally stable.

Otherwise a parent may find that they’re stressed because they constantly strive to do the impossible for their children. When we’re tired,  discouraged or stressed we can become short tempered with our children. So it’s beneficial to set realistic goals as parents.

Every parent has a unique set of circumstances individually. A single parent may find it tough, really tough keeping up with work, chores, feeding a baby or cooking a meal for older children. It may seem that there’s little time to rest and that you just can’t keep up.

The thing to bear in mind, even though stress is inevitable in such circumstances, is that many single parents bring up children who are amazing, and balanced individuals. Why? Often the children see how hard mommy, or in some cases daddy, works and feels a tremendous bond of love from their parent.

Always remember that displaying love for your children is the most important thing you can give them. Not perfection!

Communication between couples vital

Something that can cause added stress to parenthood is a lack of communication and understanding between a couple. Arguments and feuds over the best way to deal with the children will put even more of a strain on you. So strive to be understanding of each other and listen.

Setting a routine for the children as a team can help things run smoothly in the home. Once a child comes to accept a routine, so do you and you may even get some downtime to unwind when the kids are asleep or when the baby takes a nap.

Work, distractions, and iPads

In the modern world parents are contending with tight work schedules and distractions. Checking social media, the T.V, text messages, or other distractions can add stress onto our day. Especially if we are engaged in them all at once when looking after the kids!

Of course everyone has to earn a living but in the precious time in between work and parenthood can you slow the pace down. Could you check emails and social media every other day as opposed to every minute. Setting the dinner table and eating together as a family is another great way to beat stress. No T.V’s or ipads,  just a nice easy meal with no noise and some good old fashioned conversation.

There are some stresses we just won’t escape as parents. However trying to minimize our stress and taking some practical steps can make it easier to manage the busy workaday life that most of us modern Moms and Dads juggle!

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