Being Held Back No More


Not knowing what to do or where to go to change what is happening. Some say stay, others say go and determining what is best, is becoming harder and harder. Wanting to complete school in a hurry, find a job and provide a better life for my family are all on my to-do list. However, the time to do these things is slowly passing by. Between the busy life of a mom, wife, soldier and friend, making time to do what I love seems like a true time-waster. If I sit in front of the television for more than 30 minutes, I feel like there is more to be done. However, that break is much needed to remove the pain of feeling held back. Being held back from life is more like a butterfly that never comes out of their cocoon. The metamorphosis period is continuous and leaves one confused about when they will be able to break free.

I save money for this and plan to have enough time for that, but it rarely happens. We work hard to prevent our circumstances and consequences from getting the best of us, but it happens. We are held back by consequences and circumstances. Just forgetting about them and moving forward is not enough, because if they are not dealt with, they return. I just want to breathe happily, but I cannot, if life will continue to hold me back. I began to play some inspirational songs that encourage me, reassure me, push me, and guide me to the steps I should take next.

At the end of the day, I really I never would have made it, but I did. Something or someone more powerful than myself, helped me get to the place where I could not and would not be held back anymore. I am healed! I am strong! I am happy! I feel so much better! Telling myself these encouraging each day has made me stronger and wiser. I can help others who are in the same predicament. You no longer have to feel held back by the woes of life. Speak positively and confidently over your life. Trust me a little faith goes a long way. Having the support of those around you is also beneficial and will help you reach your goal.

Finally, I realized that being held back, was only a test run. I just had a lesson to learn, while in that horrible place. This butterfly has broken its shell and blossomed into a beautiful and extraordinary being. Spreading my wings to soar beyond setbacks and triumphs those tall mountains of nonsense and fear. Taking chances has become much more gratifying and each lesson learned, is a chance to move forward and not be held back.

Photo Credit: Kristkindl, December 1, 2013, Life Is

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