Getting Out of My Own Way


I’ve recently taken a “leap of faith” and left a secure job of twenty four years of service. My career allowed me comfortable living and great benefits, but little satisfaction when it came to “making a difference.”  If we’re all here for a purpose then I knew deep down that the job I had all those years was NOT my purpose. I needed to explore and learn who I was.

It wasn’t an easy choice to leave behind that “blanket of security.” Especially in today’s economy, but as I explore my opportunities of working for myself, I am excited about the endless possibilities! It’s now up to me to make the connections I need in order to build my dream. I now have a purpose. A purpose that helps others in a way that actually impacts our environment in a positive way. Most people today care about how their environmental “footprint” is impacting our world and I now get to play a small role in helping them do their part. Sounds inspiring right? Wouldn’t you want to help make a positive difference for our future generations? Then why is it that every time I go to pick up the phone I get this sense of fear that paralyzes me like nothing else has since I was a teen and called the boy I liked for the very first time? (What I was doing calling the boy and not allowing the boy to call me is another topic altogether but it was what it was.) Sweaty palms, butterflies in my stomach, and not knowing what to say! I know what it is, it’s the fear of rejection. Yep, that’s it. Fear of rejection! We’ve all felt it at some point in our lives and if you’re honest, you too can admit it.

Knowing is half the battle right? I know I have this fear but how do I move past it in order to build a career that offers a fulfilling future? Well, by simply taking that proverbial first step. If I allow the fear to control my journey then I will never move forward. Sometimes you have to feel the fear and simply, do it anyway. I’m still in the beginning stages of my journey (only 9 months in) and I have faith and belief in myself to continue to move ahead but if I’m being completely honest, the fear is always there. If I can simply learn to trust my instincts then I know I will develop a confidence level that will exude from me and become contagious, influencing others to want what I have. That’s my goal……caring and sharing in a way that people know that the choices they make matter.

I will close this with a quote from a man who transformed the automobile from an invention into an innovation that profoundly shaped the 20th century and continues to affect our lives today. The first time I read it I had to sincerely take inventory of my belief in myself. May it give you the same fortitude to take that first step in fulfilling your dreams as well.

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

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