Loving Yourself.


What does your body want? What does it need? What should it have?

Have you ever thought what do i want what do i need stop and think how many times will you get to live? How many times will you get to enjoy living? Why should you be bored to death or unhappy with yourself or your life? Should you be sad in life or happy which would you prefer? How should you be in life? What should you do? Where will you go when its all over?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself and how many times will you love will you be able to love or to have sexual intercourse or when will you find that special someone? How many times have you met and had sex why would you do that to your body and risk an infection or risk losing your virginity.

My point is that the greatest gift you can give yourself is yourself filled with self-love. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time finding that gift and are more concerned with giving others this gift than them selves. Loving yourself and who you are creates a satisfying feeling of contentment. Instead of fighting with yourself, beating yourself up or being hard on yourself, you accept yourself in your own imperfect body. Romantic love feels great but being able to give love to you all the time trumps that!

The greatest part of liking yourself would seem to involve you recognizing your own great qualities. But failing to recognize one’s own fantastic qualities would not necessarily prevent a person from recognizing them in others. In fact, loving someone else—and being loved in return—may help such a person realize his good qualities as reflected in the other person. So instead of self-love being a prerequisite for loving another, it may be a result: greater self-love through other-love.

To truly know love, we just need to become aware that we are not just a separate part. As the wave is to the ocean, we are the wave, and we are also the entire ocean that the wave arises in. Life is more than helping hand and jobs its love and being who you want to be and understanding who or what you are and who you want to be in life and in love.

It helps to realize that you are as important as anyone else, and what you think and feel is valid. For many, this is the most difficult part. Maybe you’ve grown up thinking that others are always better than you, and you don’t matter, and people aren’t interested in you unless you please them. But that thinking will only lead you to conclude that others’ happiness is more important than yours, and it isn’t.




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