Breathing New Life Into Your Marriage


Marriage is bliss, and there’s nothing more special or beautiful than building a lasting union with someone you love. But after a while, everyday routine can become grating, work can be grueling, and we get robbed of the opportunities we once had to fan the flames of the relationship. So how can we reignite the spark that seemed to burn so brightly at the start of the marriage? In this article we’ll tell you some sure fire ways to restore some romance – and fun – to your love life.

Organize date nights

It’s all too easy to let the stresses of work and everyday life to get in the way of physically celebrating your relationship. Eventually “not tonight” is every night. Setting aside a night each week to take time out to appreciate each other will enrich and strengthen your marriage. Communication between you and your partner will improve, and the anticipation leading up to these nights will remind you of the excitement of being a young couple newly dating.

Feel sexy

A highly underrated means of adding some spice to your marriage is some sexy lingerie. The proper application of a little bit of silk and lace will enhance and embellish your contours, making you feel sensual and fierce on your date nights. You may not realise how good you can look and feel until you indulge yourself with some daring undergarments. Wearing them throughout the day as you go to work or run errands can make you feel sexually empowered and inspire your creativity in preparation for the night ahead. Not only will it help you reclaim charge of your sexuality, your partner is sure to be fired up by your bold new look. Lingerie is just about universally acknowledged as considerably sexier than full frontal nudity because of the work left to the imagination. The tease and allure afforded by the right set of matching underwear always leaves them wanting more.


It can be intimidating to express your deepest desires even to your partner, but doing so can be a fantastically rewarding experience. Explore your sexuality by trying and suggesting new things. A handy (and fun) exercise for those hedonistic daydreams you really feel awkward about articulating is to show your partner what you want by doing it to them.

Exercise kindness

Perhaps the simplest (and therefore the easiest overlooked) tip to a healthy and successful marriage is to exercise kindness. This is pivotal to any relationship, platonic or romantic, and it’s important not to slide into the habit of taking your significant other for granted. Whatever effort you make, from making sure to always ask about their day, to always thanking them for the little things, too surprising them with spontaneous gifts from time to time will show them that they’re on your mind and that they’re appreciated, wanted and loved. Coming home to a partner who welcomes them with affection will make them feel good about your relationship and encourage them to reciprocate.

With these simple and sexy ideas you can build an even stronger bond with your loved one starting today.


Photo courtesy of Rosanne Haaland on Flickr

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