7 Tips for Smoother Skin


If your morning routine is a blur, you may be pushing skincare off of your to-do list. Focusing on the health of your skin allows you to achieve a smoother, more beautiful appearance, so it is important to prioritize skincare in your limited time. Here are seven quick ways to get smoother skin without putting a strain on your tight schedule.

Avoid Hot Showers

Making your morning shower warm instead of hot takes no extra time, and warm water is less likely to dry out your skin. Hot water causes dryness and cracking, so this simple change offers smoother skin without the effort. Be sure to also avoid hot water any time that you are just washing off your face. Cold water is great for getting your face clean before you go to sleep at night.

Keep Your Hair Back

The oil in your hair can be transferred to your face while you sleep. After you clean your face to keep pores from being clogged, your hard work goes to waste during the night. Keep your hair pulled back overnight to avoid clogging up your pores and making the process of cleaning your skin more difficult in the morning. It only takes a second to gather your hair in a tie.

Get More Sleep

There are plenty of reasons to get enough sleep at night, but did you know that sleeping at least seven hours every night can actually be beneficial for your skin? Your skin is able to rejuvenate when you are sleeping, so people who get enough sleep each night often appear more youthful and are able to enjoy skin that is more elastic and smoother.

Use the Right Skin Care Product

Your skin care products should provide the health benefits that you need without taking a lot of time. Face care products that are available from companies like Nu Skin smooth out your skin while providing anti-aging benefits. There are dozens of different products that can be chosen based on your unique needs to customize a quick morning skincare routine that keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Protect Your Skin From Harm

The health of your skin is dependent on your ability to keep it protected from sun damage. Smooth skin is achieved when you are proactive about protection. Sun damage negatively impacts the appearance of your skin, but there are other reasons to take care to keep UV rays from causing damage. Dangerous skin conditions can develop when exposure to UV light is high, so spending just a few minutes before you step outside each day to use a sunscreen can keep your skin smooth and beautiful.

Take the Time To Moisturize

There are many reasons for skin to be sapped of moisture throughout the day. You can counter the effects of the environment by using a moisturizer after your morning shower. Skin is best able to absorb a moisturizer in the five minutes after you take a shower. Your pores are open due to the steam and warmth, so it is best to apply a moisturizer during this window.

Use a Humidifier

Some people live in dry climates that dry out the skin and make smoothness nearly impossible. Humidifiers add moisture back into the air to promote skin health and prevent dryness and cracking.

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