Getting the Right Hair Cut for Your Face Shape


If you are like most people, you come across a hairstyle you see in a magazine and take it to your hairdresser hoping they can work their magic so you look like the cover. You get disappointed when they tell you it is not a good fit for your face or your hair looks nothing like the picture when the hairdresser is finished. There is perhaps very few people who have not gone through a terrible ordeal at a styling salon. Usually, the mistakes are not of a technical nature but mistakes made in choosing the wrong haircut for your face shape.

While selecting the ideal style for your look, the stylist should consider your face shape and your body structure. Yes, your build can make a difference in your hairstyle. For example, a cropped cut would not work on a large frame just as a full hair style would not look good a smaller body. The secret is to a great look is bases on your body shape and face shape. There are five primary face shapes stylists will be use in determining if a haircut is ideal for you: oval, heart, round, square, and triangle.

All face shapes are lovely in their own way but oval is the most coveted and ideal. Regardless of what shape your face is, the hair cut should focus on making your face look oval. An oval face has facial feature with great balance like the distance between the lower portion of the chin to the lips or the bridge of the nose. If you have an oval face, you are among the lucky ones who can look good with any hairdo.

A heart-shaped face will be wider at the forehead but narrower at the chin forming a ‘heart’. You can make a heart-shaped face look oval by emphasizing fullness of the hairdo at the chin or wearing short styles with bangs. Do not forget to take attention away from the forehead. A round face is as the name implies. The forehead is typically smaller in the chin and forehead and broader and the cheeks are broader. The ideal haircut will minimize the cheeks. Haircuts that feature sides moving to the face and fluffy bangs are best for this shape.

Square faces will feature an angled jaw line and narrow forehead. Haircuts which feature plenty of texture focused on the face is ideal for this shape. The emphasis should not be on the jaw line but it can be layered. A sleek haircut would only emphasize the angles of the face. Triangle face shapes have more prominent angles at the jaw line but a narrow forehead. The haircuts can be the same for triangular shapes except with more fullness at the crown and bangs to make the face look bigger.

Now, you have an idea about face shapes and what could look good on you. You can use this knowledge at the salon. Keep in mind some beauty websites let you upload a picture and try a virtual hairdo.

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