Here Are Some Benefits of Life After Smoking

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For those who know don't me, I am a content writer and a Certified Personal Trainer. I'm a non-smoker. Writing, health, and fitness are my passions. Some in my profession are smokers. It's either because they don't want to stop (which is bad, especially in this profession) or they are having a hard time stopping.

Some smokers have approached me about training them under the false idea that they can continue smoking and still be healthy. I refused empathically, because these people are at high risk for heart disease, emphysema or lung infections. I told each of them that they can come back to me seven months after quitting, with a signed doctor’s note to begin training. The seven month period is enough time for them to get the toxins out of their system.

One of the greatest benefits of quitting smoking, is exercising. You can have a better quality of life, as well as a longer one. Some other benefits are that you will continue to be around for your children, grandchildren and your pets. Another benefit is that is the plain fact that you'll be less likely to be stricken with a wide variety of diseases. Not to mention, your family will no longer be breathing in second hand smoke.

Ten to fifteen years after quitting, when your body restores itself to normal functioning, you will be able train for and run a full marathon if you want to. That’s something exciting to look forward to.  Think the New York Marathon.  Go ahead. Dream big.



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