How to Cure Sinusitis During Pregnancy


If you are sneezing, coughing and you have a runny nose with a constant sinus headache during pregnancy, do not fret! You can still find many alternative natural treatments, but first let’s get to know more about this disease: Explained in layman’s terms, sinus headache designates sinus infection or inflammation.

Sinus headache during pregnancy not only affects the para nasal sinuses, but all the sinuses due to a bacterial or viral infection or an allergic reaction. Ethmoid sinus blockage, frontal, maxillary and sphenoid puts pressure on the nasal passages, causing pain. What are the symptoms of sinusitis? Sinusitis occurs when one or more sinuses are inflamed, so if you have sinus headache during pregnancy, you must know this inflammation can be caused by: a bacterium, a virus, as allergic reaction, causing pain in the nasal area, even by a fungus.

The main symptom of sinusitis is manifested by pain sensation; location of the pain depends on the position of the sinus affected:

•Maxillary sinusitis – affecting maxillary sinus produces pain in the teeth. Cheeks become sensitive to any touch;

•Frontal sinusitis (above the eyes) – when the top is reached or slightly depressed and the pain occurs, it is likely that the frontal sinus (above the orbit) to be sore;

• Sphenoid sinusitis / sphenoid (behind the eyes) – this type of sinusitis are very common; Ear pain can occur, throat and sometimes severe headaches;

• Ethmoid sinusitis / ethmoid – that sinusitis is manifested by swelling of the eyelids and surrounding tissues, accompanied by redness and pain of the internal angle of the eye. Along with these symptoms might be a temporary anosmia (absent sense of smell).

Types of sinus headache during pregnancy: depending on the type of inflammation can be acute or chronic sinusitis. Acute sinusitis Sinus is affected by a maximum of 2-3 weeks. This occurs usually after a viral infection that causes swelling in the sinus which results in blockage of one or more cavities that open into the nasal passages. Subsequently, the bacteria that are installed in cavities begin to multiply, creating infection. Usually the initial symptoms that occur following infection are similar to those of a common cold. If these symptoms last longer than a week, when the cold turned sinus infection stage.

Simultaneous presence of symptoms of acute sinusitis are characterized by: facial pain; nasal obstruction; runny nose, diminishing sense of smell, cough, but not caused by asthma (in children), fever, bad breath, fatigue.

Chronic sinusitis

If symptoms of acute sinusitis occur frequently or are not fully healed, may develop chronic sinusitis. Inflammation of the sinuses that lasts more than 8 weeks.

Symptoms: facial pain, flushing, nasal obstruction, nasal drip thick and colored / discolored nasal drainage / transparent, pus in the nasal cavity and fever.

Sinus headache during pregnancy treatment

Acute sinusitis treatment includes resting at home, hot foot baths, aromatherapy, probiotic supplements are a great way to boost your immune system, as well as vitamin C can help you cure earlier than you have even thought.

Here are some natural remedies for sinus headache during pregnancy:

1) It is proven that propolis tincture can have amazing effects if you can pour a few drops in each nostril daily;

2) Swedish Bitters can be used as compresses to be applied on the forehead every night for 15 minutes, having amazing results;

3) Fresh cabbage juice poured into the nose every night can give satisfactory results;

4) The ancient popular method uses inhalers with garlic and vinegar, which are made of grated garlic, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and boiling water. The procedure can be done twice a day in the morning, and sinuses will be released all day;

5) Lemon juice is a well known anti-inflammatory and disinfectant cure. By pouring a drop in each nostril, it can help relieving the sinus;

6) Inhalations using extracted essences from underbrush, pine, peppermint or rattle;

7) Grate a raw potato, mix with coarse salt and brandy and put in a gauze that is placed on the forehead. On top put a wool scarf and a lamb sheepskin.These are held until morning. The process is repeated 2-3 times;

8) Drink vegetable juices: – Beet + carrot + spinach (cleans blood). – Grated horseradish + lemon (dissolves mucus). – Beet + carrot + cucumber (remove mucus). – Carrot juice (vitamin A);

9) When you are in pain, drink a glass of water with 2 apple cider vinegar teaspoons with honey (drink slowly);

10) Drink twice a day a mixture of: 30 drops of propolis tincture and 30 drops of water;

11) Cataplasms with clay (paste);

12) Cabbage leaves applied on the forehead day and night;

13) Nasal instillations with salt water – alternatively, first in one nostril, then the other (dissolve 1 tablespoon salt / l 1 water). Wash as often possible.

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