5 Amazing Homemade Face Remedies to Make Your Skin Glow


Heading to a beauty parlor for your facial makeover is common. Most people want beautiful skin. Thankfully we do not need to go to the salon so often. Below are some common homemade face cleansing recipes. These tips can help getting you glowing skin without. This method involves using natural herbs, yogurt, fresh fruits, and other common food ingredients, most found in your kitchen.

Moisturize you skin: You can prepare a face pack combining natural ingredients of fennel seeds and oatmeal. To prepare this you need to boil fennel seeds along with water and grind the oatmeal with the help of a blender. Then mix one tablespoon of fennel seeds with the oatmeal pulp. Adding some honey to this mixture makes it really effective. You can moisturize your face with this blend and keep the pack on the face for around 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove it with cold water and it will give the skin a soft and silky feel.

Cleansing face with a natural mask: To create this natural mask you need to mix one table spoon of lemon oil and olive oil with plain pro-biotic yogurt. Remember that lemon oil is not the extract of lemon juice and it can be bought from any of the leading medical stores. Create a nice blend of these three ingredients and you will have a nice paste that is very useful for cleansing the face. This natural cleanser should be applied to the face in rhythmic circular movements and its regular application provides amazing results. The oil present in this cleanser is good for people suffering from pigmentation and acne.

Instant face Lift: For getting a fresh look in minutes you can go for this homemade method of creating a natural face pack. To create this mixture you need to need to mix lemon juice with one table spoon of yogurt. Apply this pack near your neck and on the face. Once the mask starts tightening you feel start feeling firm and get an instant lift on the face. If you have time then you can leave the mask for around two hours as it helps in getting rid of all the impurities from the skin. While removing the pack you need to wash the face with dirt free cold water. This should be applied once or twice a week.

Papaya mask: Papaya contains huge amount of Vitamin A and this mineral is known for giving the skin a very youthful look. It is also good for the eyes as it has retinoid that removes the wrinkles around your eyes. Cut one slice of ripe papaya and de-seed the fruit. You just need to rub the peel of the fruit around your face, neck, hands and eyes. Let it remain on your face for 20 minutes and then clean the face with water. Papaya helps in exfoliating skin, removes wrinkles and repairs the skin. This process would help in giving your skin a more youthful look within few minutes.

Toning the skin with tea bags: In this process you just need to brew around two tea bags, preferably green tea or chamomile. Let them cool down and add some lukewarm water to them. Then use sponges or cotton balls to soak the brewed tea bags. Then put the tea bags around the eye region to reduce any kind of puffiness or dark circles.

These natural remedies help in moisturizing and toning the skin within few minutes. It is one of the best remedies for a homemade facial; all it requires is a little amount of patience.


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