Dealing With a Bad Mood


The mood is one of the variables.

Maybe during the day we are in a great mood and suddenly something happen to us spoils it.

It is inevitable and happens quite often.

For example, yesterday all day I was in a great mood Рevery day, walk with the family, playing with children, smiles, laughter, funny  stories. Even I was able to spend time on one of my favorite things Рan hour to read in peace. Evening news reported something that makes me very upset and darkened my mood.

What to do in such situations?

It is important to be able to deal with poor mood because it has a number of adverse effects on us and those around us. In short, bad mood has its negative consequences. Besides internal discomfort, I personally get fewer patients, more irritable and even slightly pessimistic. Bad mood changed our perceptions and the way we view the world – we tend to focus on the negative, even to exaggerate; risk to say or do any thing that might upset others, even hurt them is increasing. My family immediately felt these changes. Researches in psychology conclusively show that our moods influence the mood of the people with whom we associate. This is another good reason to be able to manage moods. I think the goal is as soon as possible to overcome bad mood and regain radiance. The longer time allow bad mood affects us; the greater are the implications for us and the people around us. I present to you my five favorite and effective strategies to deal with the bad mood. I hope to be helpful!

Recall that the mood is one of the variables.

In this sense, the statement “this shall pass, too!” is a great reminder that can allow us to distance ourselves from the situation and regain a sense of perspective. When we are in a bad mood, it is possible to see the problems instead of bulges along the way, as unreachable mountains. Good idea to remember similar situations from the past, what we did and so on.., To his inspiring courage and optimism.

Once we know that our mood affects our behavior, you should be more careful.

If like me you become more irritable, remind yourself that this is a great opportunity to practice tolerance, understanding and patience. Be careful what you say, not say something you later regret. Also do not like to take important decisions when I’m in a good mood. In this sense, it is better to wait for the storm to pass and give our minds time to brighten. By successfully behavior can influence both the mind and the emotions. So if you consciously try to be more tolerant, understanding and patient, the probability to neutralize the negative effects of a bad mood and to improve growing.

Open your mind and look for the good news, or do something that positively charged.

For example, as soon as dinner was upset, I went out and walked ten minutes of fresh and cool air. Such distracting activities help us to change the focus of attention and direct it out. Act favorably. Once I got home, I spent ten minutes watching videos on YouTube, which I emerge positively and inspire me. Positive emotions successfully neutralize the effects of negative and allow us to improve your mood. At least for me it works. Even dared to voice.

Do not believe a lot of your moods.

One of the best comparisons I’ve heard is that our moods are like dogs – not to be trusted at all. Some are very good, others not so much, and can even be dangerous for us. Such a perspective on our moods helps us not them “bind” all that and let them entangled in our nets.

Watch for repeating patterns.

For example, I’ve noticed that when I’m overworked, often my mood deteriorates. I realize that this has happened once you give a break to recuperate. Most often after a day relieve my power returned and began to smile. Because we are different, watch for patterns that might occur to you. Once you recognize the model / models, all you want is to be a bit more vigilant and find ways to counter them successfully. Bad mood is inevitable.

The good news is that we are powerless over it.

Not necessarily leave us engaging in its vortex, because always we can successfully combat it.

I wish you better mood!

And do not forget that when we are in a good mood, earn all – not just us.

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