How to Defeat Awkward First Dates by Being Active


In order to develop a great relationship you have to make it through the first date. It can be really awkward trying to decide where to go and what to wear. Instead of tying yourself down to a dinner table and awkward conversation try doing something fun. All you really have to do is find out what the other person likes to do. If they like hiking or riding bikes then it gives you some great ideas for that first date.

The common enjoyment of the outdoors and staying active can take away those awkward moments of not knowing what to ask or how to keep conversation flowing. Shared enjoyed activity helps promote bonding and creates fun memories. The more you invest of your interests in a relationship from the start the better you can decide if it is a match that just might make the cut.

Bike Ride

Most scenic areas have bike rental services. It can be a very affordable way to get some exercise and enjoy scenery the fun way. You can take small breaks in areas for conversation and enjoying the view.


Hiking boots, shorts and bottled water can make for a really great first date. Being able to enjoy nature and doing an activity you both like is a way to really promote relaxation. Being relaxed is the way to maximize the first date experience without stress.


There is nothing more relaxing than early mornings and late afternoons on the water. Try taking a relaxing kayak trip. It is easy to do, great exercise and the shared experience is unforgettable.


Who doesn’t enjoy a great picnic? Try finding a very romantic location so that once the sun begins to go down it creates a really nice atmosphere. Until the sun sets you can enjoy activities like Frisbee throwing, rollerblading or even flying a kite.

Flea Markets and Gallerias

It can be a lot of fun to just get out there and look at silly things that are for sale. It is a great way to get to know what the style and preferences are of your date. It can bring a lot of laughs and break the ice for great conversation.

Volunteer Activity

Try signing up to help clean up a park or do another type of volunteer activity together. It never hurts to show your date that you have a big and generous heart. Doing things together to help others leaves you with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Instead of worrying about the perfect party to go to, or the best dress to wear think in terms of the most fun that can be had. Take away the opportunity for the first date to seem awkward by jumping in with fun and active plans. You will be more relaxed and take away more from the experience than you ever have before.

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