How to Master Yourself


Thinking and seeing what the best way, to master ourselves, is we have to think and see, the “perfect us”. We know that each of us are a unique being, the actualization of ourselves can manifest us like a master, the perfect in each one of us. The people that already mastered their ego to a degree, that their minds act like their servant, giving them the power to be their own divine potential.

Being on planet earth is to have the social root in fear. What the word fear means in the spirituality is:





That means that this word is almost real, that we live an illusion. We can prove these ourselves by remembering that we always play the lotto, thinking that we can win today, but our senses are telling us, “No you will not win”. That illusion is created by our mind, allowing us to function here in the earth.

Before we are born, we create a pattern that we learned when we are in our human life. We create our mother, father, friends, and enemies, plus the loss and the winnings, the people that support us and the people that betray us. These illusions are there to prevent us from remembering who we really are; we are God-like spiritual beings, our own divine potential.

The moment we are born, we choose a spiritual journey in this incredible and exciting real self. We are not alone in this journey to master ourselves until the day that we go back home. When we study and practice to be connected with our higher self, it helps us to grow in our spiritual awareness, acknowledge, and responsibility. This moves our conscious to be the owner of our divine birth. Life is full of obstacles, and most of our parents had the erroneous beliefs that contribute to the false concept about how our life works. Having these false concepts, we process and dealing with our issues in different ways. We choose to point fingers, blame our parents or other people to be responsible for our unhappiness. We can even turn on ourselves, taking an attitude of victim, guilt, or shame. When we master ourselves, we take full responsibility for our false beliefs, feelings, and behaviours. That is the way that we reprogram our brain and we create the new program that makes us feel good in the choices that we make because the choices are ours. I always say that when I do hypnotherapy on my clients, people think the hypnosis put you to sleep, to make you do what the hypnotherapist wants. But for real, we are awake, in an alpha state, because sleep is not hypnosis and hypnosis is not sleep. Hypnosis is only the way, like in meditation, to reprogram our brain from negativity, to positivity, and can help us to control our life.

When we master ourselves, we learn how to create all the positivity in our old conscious and we fix it and put away our negative beliefs. Remember that our negative beliefs are the purpose of our ego, in which defends himself to stay in our minds. Sometimes, we experience something very painful for our own psyche to handle that we need our ego, our negativity, to defend us. We are in denial; we shut down emotionally and physically. In the process, we allow ourselves to be in shock, upset, or have a physical trauma that is too much for us to handle. Our ego gives us a false sense of security, because he blocks our pain. For that reason, and because the truth and our negative belief stuck us in life, we saw many people feel fragile, fearful, and an emotional distress. If we commit to ourselves to study, practice, internally and emotionally how to learn to help ourselves, and we are honest, with ourselves and we find the courage, to be truthful with us, we master ourselves in what we deserve in life. In the law of the universe, we can say, “if you cannot define what you want, you cannot have it”. I want for all of us, to walk the journey home to our higher self, and be masters of ourselves.

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