I Have Confidence in You


Words have more power than many things in this world. Self-confidence is key to building up the courage, strength, and confidence to make a change in your life like to quit smoking. So I want you to say these words out loud, not because you are striving to become these sentences, but because this is a reminder! You can whisper them, mumble them beneath your breath while you read—but isn’t this something you want to shout about? Something that needs to be heard? Enjoy.

I believe I am stunning.

Time and time again I am impressive.

I dare to improve who I am, to become self-satisfied.

I’ve worked hard and I’ve earned the strength to handle challenges.

I am self-confident. Confidence is in the heart and mind.

I have the biggest heart, people appreciate my presence.

I am mentally fit to say yes I can.

I am physically fit to be what I want to be. I am a champion to the T.

I love myself more and more each day.

I possess potential beyond measure. I own my life and I can succeed in this world and quit smoking.

I will never smoke again.

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