Don’t Smoke and Get Better Rest


Sometimes to achieve one goal, it is tactical to focus on another goal that will in turn help out your original goal. For example, smoking is a stimulant and can cause uneasy sleep. So if you look at sleep being more important than smoking, and take action towards acquiring proper sleep. You may catch yourself smoke-free for the greater good, for better rest. Trusted medical information and support suggests not smoking within six hours before bedtime, and as a result you will sleep better. Trust the professionals and kill two birds with one stone. Below I have listed a few inspirational and motivational sentences that will help you take control.

I will get restful sleep, so that I may perform with excellence.

I will make a commitment and reap the benefits of better sleep.

I feel good about tomorrow. Sleeping is therapeutic; I can imagine the comfort I will feel once I climb into bed.

Being well rested means I will be productive.

I will rise from bed in the morning and rise to the top. Sleep is my mental work out.

I understand the power I have to strengthen my muscles, mood, and mind.

I will manage how much sleep I get. Getting the proper rest is important to me.

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