A Way to Manage Your Stress


The top answer to “why do you smoke?” is “stress.” It is crucial to attempt to take care of your problems as well as practicing smoking alternatives. You cannot do just one of them. Focusing on taking care of the stress is something I understand is hard and very important so I’ve compiled messages that you may find helpful to tell yourself. If you are strong in the aspect of stress management, then I know you’ll be strong enough to put the cigarettes down and away forever.

I have stress awareness.

I will relax and take control when I feel discouraged.

I will re-visit good feelings to handle the situation wisely.

I will ponder good thoughts to stay peaceful. I can manage stress.

I am comfortable in my own skin.

I can live worriless by changing my perspective.

I understand things do not go as planned. I will find a substitute reaction to negativity.

I will monitor my stress level.

I will schedule things to do that bring me joy. I will manage stress.

I will quit smoking.

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