If I Died Today: A Poem About My Smoking


If I died today, would you even care? 

Probably not, but that's just life's fare

If I died today, all I'll leave you are my words

They'll all over the net fluttering like birds


I'm just a blogger and some say a writer

But in the end I think all wouldn't really matter

What counts would be the times that we shared

and the memories through the moonlight we heard


Don't you fret, don't be afraid 

Because we both know that I once prayed

For strength that I may stop

This I did like a spinning top 


T'was a miracle of sorts that we've seen

That somehow through my addiction you may glean

I did it, I stopped smoking 

Through words that may be provoking


Now we move on to the next chapter

of new villains and heroes that I'm after

For there will always be some evil plot

Wishing to spread doom and rot 


If I die today, can I visit you as a ghost?

I know it sounds creepy, but would you be a nice host?

I'm just kidding of course, don't be afraid 

Now's not the time to launch the modern crusade


If I died today, there are a few things I might regret

Though these are also a part of the roulette

There are times when I wish I could be like Perez Hilton

Though that's also silly lest I be a simpleton


I'd be writing about Miley Cyrus jiggling her smoking behind

Though I really pity her she must be slaving bear that in mind

Freedom comes with responsibility I often hear them say

Remember this always when you come out to play


If I died today, I would leave no insurance

Call it what you want and I know that's no assurance

The field that I have chosen oftentimes gets unrewarded

Though it has its moments at times we are accorded


With that said, I don't think I'm ready to die today

I also know that I won't and I hope it does not dismay!

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