Praise Your Children


Children are the determinants of the future. As much as bringing up a child in the right way is quite challenging, below are some tips that you for sure know, but sometimes forget to apply. In addition to care, education and given knowledge of virtues and good practices, motivation is also one of the most important factors that determine the child’s behavior, self-confidence, personality and self-esteem. 

Set rules

No child is too young to abide by set rules. No matter how young the child is there should be some boundaries and rules put in place within the household. They should understand that any rule that is disobeyed is punishable, though never by physical abuse. You could try warning them over and over again and if they do not really get it, you may choose to withdraw a privilege.


Each child has an inborn talent, even religion agrees with this. You should be able to identify whatever your child enjoys doing by giving them a chance to develop their skills. Whether it is soccer, music, art class or dancing, it is necessary to encourage their inspiration.

As much as a child may seem to like something that their friend, sister or brother likes, the fact remains that they are two totally different beings. It is a mistake to keep comparing them with others especially when they fail in a certain aspect of their life. Instead, you need to encourage them to work harder in the area and convince them that it is not as hard as they think. Also be careful not to manipulate a child even if they seem to enjoy whatever you tell them to do. What lesson would that teach them?


It is not every day that we succeed in any venture we undertake. This also applies to our kids. It is very important to help them to set up goals in different aspects of their life and whenever they succeed, a reward will surely warm their heart and motivate them to work even harder. The reward may be in the form of trendy gifts, a special treat or simply a word of appreciation and motivation. It is important to praise children especially when they succeed. Academic achievements may be rewarded by buying the child a gift. Trendy and useful gift like a smart watch, their favourite educational game, bike or anything else appropriate for the age and individual interests of your child as well as that particular kind of achievement will do. It is very important to consider the choice of reward.

Love and Respect 

‘Education is the key to success’ a wise man said. Far from the norm that any educated person will get good employment, education mainly aids in making one independent, confident and also promotes one’s personality. Praising the children and rewarding them is an integral part of it. This will in turn make them accountable for their successes and failures and they will learn to deal with them appropriately. Love and respect your child as an individual and they will do the same. Respect their decisions and guide them whenever they need help and that will surely help them grow into great and honest people.

Photo courtesy to the Amador Ledger Dispatch

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