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Supplements, or dietary supplements to be more specific, is a term that is thrown around more and more frequently, and is something in which we should all gain a thorough insight into. A daily supplement is something that, as the name quite plainly suggests, it taken daily as a way of supplementing an individual’s diet. As they become more popular, they are getting easier to purchase and as well as the pharmacy and health stores, they are now also available online. There are numerous forms of supplements that are taken for different reasons and can provide different benefits.  Everyone will have slightly different needs and requirements according to their typical diet, lifestyle and genetics. A supplement that is beneficial to one person may not be so to someone else and it is important to take only what you need and to do so in the proper amounts or dosages.

What Are Supplements?

Supplements are generally taken in the form of a tablet, capsule or powder but are occasional incorporated into a drink or nutritional bar. They can include such substances as vitamins, minerals, botanicals, enzymes, amino acids and herbs. Each of these substances plays a role within the human body, which ensures that it continues to function and perform properly and efficiently. All of these things are found in the body naturally and are normally sufficiently replaced by consuming a healthy and balanced diet. Some people experience defects or health problems that means there body does not properly manufacture or absorb certain substances, and this leads to nutritional deficiencies. For these people supplements are an essential part of daily life, as they provide the vital top up that the body is missing and craving.

Reasons to Take Supplements

There are a number of reasons to take supplements and everyone will vary to some degree when it comes to the most necessary or beneficial one for them. As well as differences in what to take, there will also be differences in the required dosages and your personal physician or GP is the person to turn to for accurate advice in this area.

•    To Improve General Health

Many people take a selection of the most common and important Vitamin-D and minerals, with the intension of improving their overall health. Some people will carefully research and decide what is most likely to benefit them, whilst others will opt for a multi-vitamin, which already has the primary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients combined together in the safe and proper proportions. This is the easiest and most convenient choice for anyone who simply wants to ensure that they are getting all of the most necessary nutrients.

•    To Build Muscle

There are certain substances, (protein) which are taken as a supplement in order to build muscle. Protein is required by the body in order to efficiently create new muscle tissue, so in order for a workout to be worthwhile it is necessary to ensure that the body has enough protein for the task ahead. Numerous products including powders and milkshakes are full of protein and sold by health stores and online pharmacy to training body builders and fitness enthusiasts.

•    To Supplement a Deficiency

As touched upon previously, one of the most important reasons to take a dietary supplement is to combat a deficiency. There are a number of illnesses that come about due to a lack of a certain vitamins, minerals or other substance, and once diagnosed these can be easily treated with a daily supplement. One of the better-known examples of such an illness is anaemia, which is a lack of red blood cells due to a lack of iron in the body. Once diagnosed by a doctor, a regular iron supplement may well be the prescribed treatment. Iron just like other types of supplement can be bought fairly easily from an online pharmacy or health store.

The Most Common and Popular Supplements

•    Fish Oils/ Omega 3

•    Calcium

•    Multi-Vitamins

•    B12

•    Probiotics

•    Vitamin C

•    Iron

How to Determine Your Requirements

By recording and analysing your daily food and drink consumption, it should be possible to identify the nutrients that are not being supplied to the body regularly and in adequate quantities. Another way to identify your requirements is with the help of your doctor or GP. When considering purchasing supplements of any kind from an online pharmacy traditional pharmacy or health store, it is always recommended to get the product approved from a health care provider first.

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