The Happiness Project


For the longest time, I have never found the perfect set of joyful activities that goes well with my personality. I am an impulsive extrovert who loves doing things without a particular plan. On the onset, I am very fond of adventures and I fancy the simplest of things like taking pictures of random events, people and places.

My life in a nutshell is not boring, because I get to listen to the music of life without the fear of losing too much of myself or getting disoriented by being too attached to people. I find happiness as something relative and I believe that in order to fully enjoy the simple things in life, one must go beyond hate and all the negative aspects attached to it.

I used to ask myself a couple of times before of what it takes to be truly happy and free? I wanted to let go of all the painful memories I have been through so that I would find happiness in everything. I want to fully love myself and stop pleasing all of the people around me. I am no expert when it comes to self improvement, but the self realization I had just years ago could help people in appreciating themselves more than anything this world could offer. Happiness is not all about superficial and temporary things; it has nothing to do with losing weight, make up, or all those fancy things. Happiness could mean sadness at first, turned into something good in the end. Happiness could be about reaching goals, and not shouting to the world about your own success. Happiness could be the solitude of being alone. My kind of happiness could be different from your happiness. My happiness could be your sadness.

Asking myself again the question of what it takes to be happy, I know that I can enumerate a number of things even while my eyes are closed. I would not give a list of things I want to buy from the store, rather, I would name out all the people I love, all the events that made me better, and all the places which made me remember all the simplest joys of life.

A number of people may have been to a number of heartaches, but there will still be joy in sorrow. Maybe depression just eats you up, but a lot of people have come out alright from all the painful heartbreaks they have been to. Hurting is normal, and you are not alone in this world.

So what is The Happiness Project? Well, let’s put it this way; since we have different kinds of happiness, then we definitely have different things to share as well. For me, keeping a notebook will start everything. Whenever you have beautiful experiences, write it down, from the simplest events up to the grand and joyful ones. The Happiness Project should start with you, that documenting and appreciating life will definitely make you a happy person, and eventually become someone who only sees the beauty in everything.

Fear and sadness happens, but above all, happiness will always find its way to your heart.

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