New Miracle All-Natural Wound Treatment Derived from Honey


Many of the drugs and pharmaceuticals we rely on today originate from purely natural sources. How else did our ancestors cure minor ailments, treat wounds and the like? But did you know that honey is one such substance? In 2011, Ian Staples (former MD of Halfords) discovered that certain types of honey have remarkable antimicrobial qualities.

Staples secured funding for further scientific investigations and created ‘Surgihoney’. This extremely effective antimicrobial controls the toughest pathogens which cause infection, even antibiotic resistant fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Once an infection is controlled, Surgihoney brings wound healing properties, pain control, cleaning, exudate suppression, and stimulation of the growth of healthy tissue.

Staples then founded his company, Healing Honey, and recruited the medical staff and patients he needed to trial his new wonder-product. In order to achieve his dream, Staples turned to technology for help. Enter the FileMaker Platform on iPad. This also enabled Healing Honey to test their product in countries where hospitals are not as advanced as those in the UK. The technology could be synched and data captured regardless of where the trial was being conducted.


In order to manage data captured at the Surgihoney trials around the world, a mobile clinical trial assessment solution was required and this was built and developed on the FileMaker platform by developer, Linear Blue. The solution could then be loaded onto the iPad and given to the medical teams involved. The teams could then record daily comparisons of wound treatment and improvement using the in-built camera.

Surgihoney has been tested in over five different countries, including the UK, Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tonga. Over 300 patients have been involved in the trials over a six month program, costing less than 10% than traditional health care trials. Results showed that infection rates were reduced by 60% when Surgihoney was applied immediately after surgery.

The FileMaker system is continually updated using feedback and data gathered by the medical professionals using and also directly from patients. The system also negates the need for repeat visits to patients to reapply the treatment following their discharge from hospital. Automated reminders are sent to them prompting them to keep up the treatment and to apply Surgihoney. This not only saved time and money but also ensured the most favourable outcome for the patients.

So the next time you spread honey on your breakfast toast in the morning, or use it sweeten your tea, just think what a truly remarkable, all-natural substance it is.

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