The Building Blocks for a Strong Relationship


A relationship is like a house you need a foundation so you can build a long healthy relationship. Each person involved in the relationship has to put in work and make sacrifices sometimes. Below are the five building blocks of a relationship. These themes can not only strengthen your relationships but also make them long lasting.


First, love yourself if you don’t already. Your relationship will not be haunted by all your insecurities if you have self-love. Loving someone else on the other hand may take time if you have been hurt in a previous relationship. But, time heals wounds and forgiveness is an art. Secondly, you may be the type of individual that falls in love at first sight or in a few short months. No matter how it happens it’s possibly the happiest you have ever been in the personal sector of your life. You need love always to be a building block of a relationship because without there nothing else to motivate to stay in the relationship. Love from another individual in a relationship can mean all the world to someone that desires it so much.


A big issue in many relationships is trust. Ask yourself why don’t you trust your romantic partner? The likelihood of you not trusting is more than likely past events that have transpired in your life. If you are in a new relationship, you have to let go and give this new individual a fair shot to prove themselves. If you have trust issues because your current partner betrayed you, ask yourself why are you putting yourself through the fire when you have already been burned.


Just be honest with yourself and your romantic partner. There is no shame in being authentic and honest. Honesty and trust are like two hands clasped together they work well by themselves but even better together. Use honesty to speak from the heart and to tell the truth so there are no secrets. Secrets can be the one thing that rip a relationship to shreds.


Nine times out of ten you and your partner had different upbringings and you have completely different world views. Some topics you agree on and some things you just happen to see differently. Respect works well with honor. You don’t have to say or do anything you just have to show and prove to your partner that you without a doubt have respect for them.


This is the biggest issue besides trust in relationships. Its simple if you have communication issues you probably fail to communication. The other issue with communication is you or your partner simply don’t listen. You all may find yourself repeating things you said. With the help of technology there is no way you and your partner should be missing a message. You can talk in person, over the phone, email, text, IM, Skype and the list goes on. You are in a relationship and its your choice to be with the person so don’t run away from them run to them and talk.

I hope you and your partner have a relationship with a strong foundation. These building blocks were meant to not only teach you new things about yourself but about your relationship as well. Now look at these five building blocks and ask yourself are they present and thriving in your personal relationship?


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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