The Importance of Vacationing


In today’s fast paced and frenetic world, sometimes it can be easy to overdo it. Many of us tend to try to work until we drop, either from habit or because we are conditioned to feel that we have to. But when we work ourselves into the ground, we are opening ourselves up to a whole raft of health problems. It is vitally important that we take a vacation once in a while, not just for enjoyment, but for our overall health and well-being, mental and physical.

High levels of cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’ can have a devastating effect on us and our systems. Stress can put pressure on practically all your body’s systems. It can make you ill, and if you get sick, you will be less able to fight it off. Taking a holiday can give you the space, time and distance to put all of your day to day problems, pressures and worries into perspective. It can give you a different angle, and it may even help you to come up with solutions that you had never thought of before – sometimes a change of scene and a bit of relaxation is all it takes. Also, no matter how bleak and bad things may seem, no matter how severe your problems, a vacation can give you respite from them at least for a time, allowing your system the chance to recover.

Not getting enough rest and sleep can damage the immune system’s defenses and can lay you wide open to the assault of every cough, cold or stomach bug you come into contact with. A bad flu season can leave you feeling very run down. A good vacation can give you a chance to get the rest and relaxation your body needs to boost the immune system. A holiday in the sun could be just what the doctor ordered – imagine sailing away into a wide blue ocean and pitching up at a paradise island? Imagine sitting with a cool drink in your hand and watching waves lapping on the shore as your worries drift like an aimless boat out over the horizon and away.

Working too hard can also lead to or worsen depressive illnesses, which are extremely common in our society. Getting up and getting out there is the best thing you could possibly do. Though depression can make you feel you would rather just curl up and hibernate, a change and a rest can work wonders, seeing new sights can inspire wonder in the world again, and new experiences can reignite your joy in living. If you feel like it, why not consider an active holiday? Hiking, biking, sailing or kayaking can be excellent options for a bit of gentle exercise that will boost your endorphins.

Sometimes, we just need to be able to stop and smell the roses, feel the salt spray on our faces, feel sand beneath our feet or taste delicious food we may never have tried before. It need not cost the earth, good, relatively inexpensive holidays are easy to come by. So, for the good of your health, book yourself a vacation today!


Photo courtesy: Orvas Yachting

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