The Most Exotic E-Liquid Flavors You Have Got to Try


First of all, with regards to the recent proposals concerning international governmental clamor for e-cigarette regulation of sales, I’m all for it. Study it, regulate it, make the companies comply with the requirements and ban it for minors. I totally agree with that. Next up, I am an e-cigarette user for three months now and have had no health problems whatsoever. Finally, I am disclosing that I get paid for any blog post that I make that gets published on the front page. I am a real human being with my own personal opinions and my writing does not always reflect the views of the website that I write for.

I think I just might set that as my new profile description as it is the unequivocal truth on the matter. Now that e-cigarettes have established a firm foothold in the international market as a legitimate product, I believe that the efforts to regulate it are well founded. I also believe that regulatory measures will serve to help the industry grow and mature for the better.

With those notions out of the way, let us proceed. As a new vaper, I made it a point to try many different flavors that are out in the market. I’ve tried most of the flavors including banana, mocha, cappuccino, strawberry, Marlboro and chocolate. Without further ado, here are some flavors I’d like to try next.

  1. Valerian Root. This is the first time I’ve heard of this so I’m naturally intrigued. The e-liquid flavor in question claims to have properties that can be a natural relaxant as well as a sleep aid. I think that’s a huge help for all the vapers like me out there who are constantly connected to the Internet and therefore mostly insomniacs.
  2. English Aroma Sweet Tobacco Flavor. I’ve only tried real tobacco a few times so this has gotten my attention. For the existing real tobacco enthusiasts out there, the “sweet, nutty aroma with a tinge of caramel” appeal is simply appealing. If I find any locally I’ll be sure to share it with everyone.
  3. Havana Cuban Cigar Flavor. It’s very rare for people to have a true taste of the exotic Cuban specially for U.S. citizens. Perhaps it is due to the fertile farm lands of Cuba or maybe because of the restrictive U.S. embargo. But now, there’s a way around this and that is through the e-liquid version of it. Not manufactured in Havana, but something that Fidel Castro would probably approve.

How about you? What is your favorite e-liquid flavor?


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