The Traps We Call Pharmacy Stores


Every time you go out, you come home with a pack of cigarettes. It’s because your daily routines aren’t keeping you away from the addiction. Start there to make a long term change. These are really convenience stores, because they conveniently are open early and they close late. This means there’s no rush or panic to get a pack, they’re available when you wake up and there for you to put you to bed. There’s just an easy access source to obtain what you’re craving. That’s never a good thing, agreed? It gets worse, because we need food, supplies, and what have you, and we buy these things from places like Walgreens. They offer weekly sales, and they’re probably right up the street from your home. So in turn we pack our carts with necessities, and in that rush we throw in a pack of cigarettes and this happens frequently due to our need to shop. It’s a monumental trap for a smoker fighting addition.

Now that I have your attention, here’s the message. A step to quitting smoking is to change your shopping routine. Get as far away from these convenient pharmacies as you can. Once you’ve given yourself some breathing room, in time you’ll feel the urge for a drag to cease—and you’ll breath much easier. It’s a step not a solution but the solution is in the steps guys. Good luck!

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