Upgrade Your Property to Meet Wellness Travelers Needs


More and more people are adapting healthy lifestyles and practices. This is becoming ever more popular for those who are looking to take a break from their busy schedules, monotonous and immobile lives. This situation has become a concern in the hospitality industry. This has triggered a huge demand and growth in the wellness travel and tourism industry. To gauge its importance, you can determine what wellness travelers are looking for when they travel to your destination. The essence of wellness travel is to attain something different that is not found in common travel destinations. There is an increased need for sports and gym equipment by the travelers. The below mentioned is a great list of some of the top things wellness travelers expect from your property.

A Gym and healthy eating options

According to a recent survey, a group of travelers was asked what option is better between a lower priced hotel and a hotel with an onsite gym. Thirty-nine percent responded that they preferred a destination with a gym. That would certainly convince them to stay at the hotel. In addition, another thirty-six percent said they would go to a place with healthier eating options. This goes to show the changes in the travel and tourism sector.

Gym classes

Aside from having gym facilities, travelers are expectant of gym classes. This helps them get into the rhythm of a healthy lifestyle and learn things that will improve their lives. Potential guests would prefer a place that offers zumba, cross fit and yoga. It is more beneficial to have a gym that trains people on how to live effective healthy lifestyles simply and in a fun way.

Sports kits

According to studies, 31% of travelers prefer sports kits. Another 30% prefer lifting weights and weight training. Cycling and yoga kits take the least share, but are important too. These kits offer versatility and enjoyment for all travelers as each of their needs is fulfilled.

Low-calorie and organic menu

Eating is an important part of life. In many cases, travelers may over indulge in eating. In most hotels and destinations, their menu and food choices may not be healthy. This is why many travelers are moving away from such places and choosing healthier options for meals. According to a study, thirty-three percent of travelers prefer hotels and destinations with low-calorie and organic menus. This immediately attracts them because they are sure to get great healthy meals.

These offers place you in a better positing to have an outpouring of travelers to your property. More travelers’ book your property because these features are available. You cannot go wrong by meeting the travelers’ needs.

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