Avoid Eating Late in the Evening


For working people is hard to find enough time to eat well during the day because of the daily activities and the various tasks that do all day.

The biggest mistake, causing gaining weight is eating in the evening.

Returning exhausted after work, we eat quickly and thoroughly, pour yourself extra amount with the excuse that you have not eaten all day Finish with dessert and then leaning comfortably on the couch, munching popcorn watching television. Error!

Night guzzle is indicated as one of the main causes of obesity. Due to the fact that the night person usually sleeps and spends much – fewer calories compared to the active part of the day.

Also, the feeding overnight affects production of two important hormones: melatonin and leptin. The first is responsible for sleep and when the levels are low, one just cannot sleep. Leptin is responsible for satiety and when it is not present in the blood, the brain receives a message that it is hungry. In other words, the more you eat – less you sleep. And more – less you sleep, more – likely to continue to trample. If this cycle continues over time, this will lead to even a whole series of negative events such as feelings of anxiety, depression and / or cognitive decline.

Everyone knows that our appetite evening watching TV is greatest. Most suit to eat desserts, popcorn and chips while watching reality TV or movies. When our mind is occupied to see something else forget how much food we eat.

After a hearty meal that has taken the body, it should move, but opposite, after dinner we go to bed and thus weight gain because there is no movement. And the next day the scenario repeats.

Surprisingly, the first step not is cutting eating late at night. Most important is to enhance food intake during the day. Balanced menu will reprogram your body to want more – less food at night and beat innate desire. The healthiest thing is to eat often but less. Morning before go to work, find time to eat something. Breakfast is very important for the body. Have lunch, make your afternoon snack, small but filling, and thus will not be attacked acrimonious dinner and eat less amount of food.

And one of the tricks to avoid filling during the movie – do not have dinner in front of the TV. When it came time for it, eat fruit – perfect ending to the evening.

It is also important to realize that if over the years you used to overeat in the evening, you will hardly be able to fight this habit for a short time. To cut off suddenly and end this habit is given to few, others just have to wean slightly.


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