What Makes a Loving Relationship Stand?


A loving relationship is viewed as the most wonderful human relationship one could ever have in life because it says a lot about how much we need to be related in a way or another. We don’t like to remain alone. It simply tells much about how human we are. But sometimes once we engage into a loving relationship, we become worried about how long it will last especially when problems arise and proliferate finding ourselves unable to work them out with the ones we love. More than that, we tend to take the easy way out by just ending the relationship which doesn’t sound most of the time, if not always, a practical solution. Later on we get to know about how wrong our decision was and it would be too late then to fix what we ruined. So what can make a loving relationship stand to kick all these hurdles off our way?

This is the question we have to think about twice before jumping to any loving relationship which we hope it ends up with a whole-life relationship. From what I’ve been through and what I’ve noticed during my life, let me share with you the secret to not only holding tight a loving relationship but making it enjoyable and ever-lasting as well.

Loyalty is the first pillar of a loving relationship and this should be apparently practiced by the couple. We can’t imagine someone being in love not loyal to their beloved. Impossible! Therfore, it requires commitment and self-devotion from both sides to keep the ball rolling. By contrast, cheating is really destructive and so killing not only in a loving relationship but in anything that one is about to engage. It simply reveals the evil part of our being and it erases our angelic side. So it’s up to the people involved in love; true love I should say, to be angels or devils by the actions they take up.

Besides loyalty, being a good listener is so healthy to a loving relationship to keep it standing on its feet and most importantly preserve it from lost. Listening is the key to understanding. We should never waste the chance of using this bless in an effecient way. Frequent disputes happen because we think we disagree with our loved ones over a certain point while in fact we do agree. The problem is we can’t see we’re not listening. In fact, being good listeners is an asset to avoid all the problems that might emerge over time.

Next of importance is being compassionate. Compassion adds up a lot more to a loving relationship  than we can realize; it makes it harmonious, well-built and just special. All these qualities are essential to help keep the reltionship healthy in terms of feelings and emotions. The couple have to be comapssionately expressive in order to remain connected to what they hold towards one another. That’s not really something we need to train on; rather, we just have to be natural when showing what we desire to show.

At last but not least, being able to forget and forgive is the most essential quality that a lover should have. This might be sometimes hard to do but it has to take place because it leads to a fresh and a new page after a harsh dispute or an agressive verbal fight. Being angry at times might be conductive to say certain things or act in a certain  way but we must bear in mind that we don’t mean them. It’s just that the fury we undergo adds up to them a negative impact. However, this shouldn’t resonate in our minds nor take what we’ve heard to our hearts and therefore comes our ability to completely forget all about it and forgive our loved ones. The simple reason is we do love them.


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