5 Tips for Improving Your Happiness in the Workplace


Most people spend more than fifty percent of their days within the workplace. When you’re not sleeping, most of your week seems to be dedicated to the daily grind of a nine-to-five routine, and although you may consider your commitment to work to be a necessary requirement in maintaining your lifestyle, making an active decision to improve your happiness at work could project benefits onto your entire life. Sometimes simply choosing to be happier can have a profound effect, as a positive perspective arms individuals with the strength they need to push through a difficult part in their lives and search for the ever-evasive and nerve-wracking concept of change. Discovering a daily routine that helps to make your work days more manageable could mean that you encounter more spiritually satisfying interactions and opportunities that make waking up each morning just a little bit brighter.

1.)    Only Make Commitments That You Can Keep

One of the biggest problems that many people have when it comes to work is the stress that commitments can place on them. Try to organize yourself so that you can appropriately assess and understand your ability to complete a requested task. As tempting as it might be to volunteer for every possible opportunity, do not put yourself under undue stress if you do not have the time. Furthermore, if you find that the workload you currently have is exceeding your ability, energy, or available resources, you should make a plan to speak to your boss about accessing further help.

2.)    Break Up The Momentum of Your Day

The work day can be full of routine tasks such as meetings, presentations, spread-sheets, documents and emails. The more time spent clicking through the same tasks, the more out of control you may feel, as though you are spiralling into an unending cycle of lack-lustre work. If you feel as though you are starting to get a little stir-crazy, try stopping the cycle for a moment and taking a second to breathe. Just take your hands off your keyboard for a brief juncture of time, and allow yourself to exhale before you send that email. You may feel a lot better for it.

3.)    Make Some New Friends

If you’re going to be spending a hefty portion of your life with the people you see at work, then the best possible thing you can do is get to know them. Take the time to speak to the people around you and you might find that you have something in common, a shared interest or hobby that makes for fun conversation in free moments around the office. A friendship network at work could provide you with resources, the ability to share the workload and support on difficult days.

4.)    Try To See the Positive With the Negative.

Sometimes, when we’re exhausted from a hard day, it can be easy to trudge out of the office and replay every bad occurrence that happened in our head. However, it is important to remember that instead of thinking completely about what might have gone wrong, we should also reflect on the things that went well. Maybe you made yourself proud in the amount you managed to do today, or you could just congratulate yourself on getting through another rough Monday. Give yourself credit.

5.)    Find a Way To Do Something You Love Every Day

Many people are under the impression that they will never be able to find something in their current job that they can truly love, but that’s usually not the case. Take the time to look closely at yourself, your interests, and skills. If you commit yourself to doing something that you enjoy every day, then your job won’t seem so bad. If you hate absolutely everything about the current work that you’re doing, it may be time to look elsewhere, but more often than not you will be able to find a silver lining if you’re committed to looking for it.

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