7 Things You Should Never Have in Your Bed


Are you among those people who put their sanity and health at risk by sharing their bed with one of the following? Even though you are aware of the fact that good night’s sleep is crucial for having a healthy everyday life, they somehow find their way to your bed. These are things you should never have in your bed.


It is recommended you do not take any electronics to bed. They can cause some serious negative consequences because of the exposure to the nighttime light. Do you have a phone with a faulty charger? Get rid of it before it catches flame and causes a fire. Moreover, each time you hear a beep, your sleep will be interrupted, right?


People who sleep with their furry friends cannot have a good night’s sleep because the studies have shown that such people are likely to wake up at least one time during the night and the majority of them admitted they have less sleep with their dog or cat in their bed. However, hygiene is another reason to ban your pet from the bed. No matter how clean your pets are, they are still sort of dirty, crawling with dander and pollen. Do not risk getting an allergic reaction.

“Striking” Mate

The experts recommend that if your bedmate negatively affects your quality of sleep, then it is better to sleep in separate beds. If your husband is snoring or kicking in sleep and you need to be rested in the morning for your daily activities you should consider sleeping in separate beds, not to avoid intimacy but to leave some space for a good night’s sleep (for both). And do not worry; studies have reported that over 40% of married couples sleep in separate beds for this reason.


Having your kid in your bed will guarantee poor sleep and every mother knows it. It can disrupt your sleep and can also become a habitual behavior because once you let them in, children easily adopt this bad habit. Plus, having your kids in your bed is dangerous. It can cause suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) of your baby.

Meals or Snacks

Really? This is not just sharing your bed with food, but it becomes sharing it with every nasty thing that comes crawling like bugs or cockroaches. Gross, right? So keep your food in the kitchen instead of taking it underneath your sheets.


Are you among those people who get home and plop their purse on their bed? And do you know what the dirtiest thing you own is? Yes, it is your purse. Studies have shown that it can be dirtier than a toilet seat. Make sure you find an appropriate place for it and that you clean it regularly.


Among many things that can cause poor sleep is reading. In fact, any activity that requires concentration can hurt your sleep patterns.  So avoid watching TV and checking your cellphone, and of course, keep your books away from the bedroom.


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