5 Steps to a Beautiful Yoga Practice


Yoga is one of those exercises that people generally assume to be floofy and unstrenuous on the body. And those people are wrong. To the untrained eye, the various poses are far from the feats of agility and strength they truly are. However, no matter the level of practice, yoga can get stale and become boring. With a few minor additions, though, your yoga practice can be revitalized into something far more beautiful.

Go Outside Indoors is a controlled environment. It produces well-known noises, feels safe and is usually at the temperature we like the most, unless you’re practicing Bikram or hot yoga. While it may be comforting for our psyche, and its attachment to routines, it works to stifle the soul. Get up early and head to a park to do a routine to greet the sunrise. Likewise, venture out at dusk to celebrate the coming of the evening. Nothing is more inspirational that deep breathing amidst the beauty of nature.

Breathe In Stimulating the senses is key to any form of revitalization. Instead of doing a full on overload, focus on one sense at a time. It becomes a practice of controlling awareness. One of the more common methods is using scents to calm the mind and body while performing your routine. Lavender, frankincense and lemon essential oil are all popular choices, long used in traditional therapy to add even more sensory experience to the usual routine. If you have any more questions about which essentials oils are best for your situation, consult an essential oils guide.

Take a Class We often times forget the importance of others in our lives when embarking on a path of self-enlightenment. Though some can be negative, the majority are beautiful people who want nothing more than to share in a reciprocating exchange of positive energy. A class of combined individuals practicing the same poses together is a deeply emotional experience all on its own. It is a form of physical and spiritual union that connects you to humankind for a brief time.

Slow Down No matter if you pose in the morning or at the end of the day, life catches up. Driven by fears of not having enough time to do everything, we force ourselves quickly through things we should take our time with. Next time you practice yoga, go as slow as you can. Breathe in even deeper and for longer counts. This will force your mind to halt its frenzied nature, causing it to truly remain present and centered in the here and now.

Go Back to the Start Yoga is a rabbit hole with so many passageways and poses that it is easy for one to become lost amid the coming and going of popular poses. After a while, the route you follow seems dull and lifeless, no longer the journey you though you were taking. It’s at these moments going back to the beginning becomes important. Look at why you started in the first place. Maybe it was fun because you did it with a friend. Maybe it was fun because it helped you relax. No matter the reason, give yourself permission to indulge in those roots. By recapturing the magic, you can perform your yoga routine with a passion and beauty unmatched by any other.


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