8 Best Pick Hair Styles for Parties


Fed up with the monotonous, same old hair story you’ve been carrying for the last parties? Well, maybe it’s time to perk it up a little with some simple techniques you can do to your hair. Revamp your look with a couple of little fixes on your tresses that could change your partying mood now and forever. It’s that time of the year again and the holidays are coming up, meaning more parties to throw and attend to. Whether you are looking for some new ideas to dress your hair or want to impress the rest, these proposals can help make your locks stand out in the crowd.

1. Half-ups:

Fairly quick and easy to do for any party; it has a simple yet sassy look to it. Tie your hair in a half-pony, letting the bottom layer of your hair down.

2. Waves and Curls:

Of course, soft waves and curls are the safest ways to go for any kind of parties, from formal to casual home parties. Curls can make you look eccentric depending on how thick and rich it is, so better get your mousse ready for some volumizing. You may also do ways to find the right curling iron for you.Waves, on the other hand, appear to be more feminine. Use wide iron curls to create flowing mild waves out of your hair.

3. Short:

Bobs are timeless. You can steal the spotlight by going for a bob with a vibrant hair color. This will surely shock your friends and colleagues especially if they are used to your long locks of hair.

4. Twists:

For an evening gathering, you can try a French twisted hairstyle. To accomplish this stunning look, you have to twist the two sides of your hair up and make a bun out of it as you leave the top part brushed back. Lock everything in place using bobby pins.

5. Side swept:

Formal parties call for elegant hairstyles such as this. Part your hair to one side and let it form a marvelous curve, barely covering that side of your face, adding a mysterious type of look.

6. Up do’s:

Messy up dos can really be catchy and can give out an “effortlessly beautiful” statement-look while eccentric up dos are very contemporary and provides a strong look. Eccentric up dos are done by tying a ponytail at the front of your head and creating a loose knot that loops up your hair. A combination of a bun and an up do is the low bun up do. Simply tie your hair in a side ponytail, but keep it low. Instead of letting the ends loose, loop it up and create an bun; thus, creating a low bun up do that is just absolutely wonderful with a pair of dangling earrings to match.

7. Side Ponytails:

This is an endearing look that Taylor Swift used to pull off every time. It has a sweet and classy look that is just perfect for proper parties that matches your dress.

8. Buns:

Rendering a youthful allure that will suit in any dress, messy buns are attractive and simply fabulous. And how about going in it for the kill by matching this hairstyle with thick, straight bangs? Talk about contending to be the Belle of the Night.

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