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An interesting article, To Jump-Start Your Exercise Routine, Be Mindful ,wrote on the importance of mindfulness when exercising. The article quotes several studies that asked the question of whether mindfulness plays a part in people enjoying exercise and how that affects their adherence to an exercising regime.

The article describes mindfulness as “ controlled attentiveness, a deliberate :awareness of what is happening in the present moment,” Mindfulness can be defined as a state of awareness of ones actions whiles exercising. I believe in this mantra. Before any task in life can be initiated one must be mentally prepared for it. The mind is the most powerful and important muscle. Living healthy is a lifestyle and that requires a change of your mind-set.

Before the diets, you have to make the mental note that you want to change what and how you eat. A diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. After the diet plan a mental note must be made on your exercise and fitness regime.

A healthy diet is not necessarily about small, tasteless portions of food. There are plenty of delicious fulfilling meals out there. A healthy diet is about making conscious healthy decisions. There are always healthy options, for instance instead of eating sweets try fruits, instead of greasy take outs try enjoying preparing your own food. It is such simple, small everyday decisions that lead to habit and before you know it you will be eating healthy.

Newbies are always wary of the physical exertion that comes with exercise. It could be because usually people take part in exercise as a short term activity. This then means the health and weight goals must be achieved in a short period of time, and so you end up with an exercise regime akin to torture. Change your mind-set, exercise should not be a short term activity but be present throughout your life. Accompanied with a healthy diet, moderate exercise throughout your life can result in a healthier you.

Exercise does not have to be grueling. It can be fun, join a sport. Exercise can also be very social; you will meet new people at the gym, while jogging or at sports. So not only will you be treating your body well but your social life will get a pick me up with new acquaintances.

Exercise does not have to be about having to change your clothes and going to a location to sweat. Remember, being healthy is a lifestyle and has to permeate into your daily routines. Small changes in how you navigate through life can have huge benefits, like choosing to use stairs instead of elevators, using a bike to travel short distances, walks to the park and so on.

A healthy lifestyle is a journey made of small incremental steps, starting with how you think.

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