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In this article, we’ll discuss using a powerful law of attraction based technique in relationships called “visualization,” which is so simple it’ll feel as naturally as day dreaming. If you’re familiar with the “law of attraction,” then this technique, which is basically simple day dreaming or fantasizing will be one you’ll enjoy using in every area of your life, including your relationships. In this article —  using simple, easy to follow language that virtually anyone will be able to follow — we’ll focus on using visualization for improving your dating/relationship life.

Thousands of folks have already covered the topics about finding your soul mate and attracting romantic relationships in general, and you’ve probably read your fair share of articles on improving relationships. I’ll bet you can’t count how many times you’ve seen titles claiming to tell you how to “spice up” your marriage, but when it comes to maintaining your happy dream relationship, the information available is severely lacking. There just isn’t much talk out there about repairing, rekindling or otherwise improving the relationship you already have.

Once you’ve found that soul-mate all those articles claim to help you find, the health, happiness and relationship improvement aspects are all but forgotten about. You’ve already got the love attraction part down pat, so why would you need any further information on love and using the law of attraction? If your relationship is like most, you don’t just give up after you’ve found your soul mate. You want to keep going with it, continue to find new, creative ways to bond and experience your soul mate on different levels.

Meeting your soul-mate isn’t a science project. It’s not something that after you accomplish it, you’re simply done and make no further effort to keep it, improve it or simply enjoy it.  The truth is, there’s a whole new world of creating to be done after you’ve found your match. Like they say, a relationship is something people work on for the rest of their lives. The word “work” isn’t really fitting because it’s not a job either, something you’re required to do. It’s something you want to do and enjoy doing, for the most part.

Despite many of the folks who have successfully found their soul mates, couples still drift apart, they get stuck in funks, they get tangled up in stresses, and one day, realize their relationship is off balance and the fun and quality time together has vanished. You then have to find a way to work yourselves back into each others lives, to get back to the fun and bonding moments. The feelings that brought you to your search for love in the first place. That’s precisely why I chose to cover a little on this topic — because we need to know what we can do when those things happens in our relationships. We need to know what we can do when we’ve already found the soul mate part and still want to create the relationship of our dreams as it unfolds in our very lives.

So let me share with you the simple technique I use and have had great success with, to bring things back on track when my relationship gets off balance, or to simply bring more of my desires into my life without having to sit by and hope they arrive.The best thing about law of attraction based techniques is that can be applied to any area you’d like to focus on whether it’s simply aiming to get more out of your relationship, to create more fun within it, or even repair damage that may have taken place. Examples throughout this article will include ways to work on all of the above.

Just like any other area of life you’ve used law of attraction in, the techniques for relationships aren’t much different, but your focus is. On that note, lets begin with the technique called visualization that requires little more than tuning in and using your focus to attract anything you want in life (in this article, the focus will be relationships.)Visualization is one of the most powerful forms of attracting something into your life. If you only applied one technique into your daily routine, then visualization could likely be the one that would serve you best, and it’s the easiest for most folks.

Think back to a time when you fantasized deeply on something you wanted. Maybe you day dreamed about what life would be like if one of your dreams or life goals came true. Perhaps it was a lover or spouse you fantasized about. If you can fantasize, you can visualize with success. That’s how simple visualization is. To fine tune your skills, though, I’ve included examples to aid you in getting there. But first, lets get clear on how visualization works.

How Does Visualizing Work?

You just need to be able to create a scene in your mind about what it is you want. It can be detailed for advanced visualizers, but if you’re new to it, it’s sometimes recommended to avoid too many details since it can put limits on how the thing you’re wanting shows up for you. For example, if you were to visualize meeting your soul-mate, but you focused more on a specific setting where you meet him/her, then you’re sending out the message/vibration that you only want to meet your soul mate in that specific place. Details like that place limits on your manifestations. Just as long as you’re clear on what it is you want, that is all that matters.

It may be easiest to start off by simply visualize your spouse and yourself embracing. Perhaps you’re dancing and laughing. Those are the types of details that aren’t limiting and can serve you. You may find it easiest to just start out with a picture of a white background (no specific setting), while you and your lover embrace. This method leaves out any over-complicated details and sends the message that your intention is to experience that embrace (or whatever you choose to visualize. It can be a hug, a kiss, anything). It may even work better for you to take that route, so as to keep any minor details (such as the setting) from being the main point of focus. You don’t have to limit yourself to one still image. In fact, it’s even better when you play around with different scenes that you’d like to take place. If you wanted to have a date-night alone with your spouse, you can visualize this happening in a hundred different restaurants, theaters and anywhere else that pleases you as long as the focus is you and your spouse and what you two are doing, saying, and feeling.

Dialogue, Dialogue,  Dialogue

That brings me to the next step of the visualization process. Use your thoughts to create dialogue. Imagine your lover speaking to you. What would he/she say? “I love you and I’m so glad to be spending time alone with you?”  Take it from there, and imagine your response. Are you smiling? Is he/she holding your hand or stroking your hair as they proclaim their love for you? Cheesy as it sounds, this is actually a perfect, not to mention powerful start with all the right details to manifest this sort of experience right into your life.Embrace Your Inner Movie Star.

Now that you’ve got that part down, take things a little further and try to create, in your mind, what you want to happen next. It’s just like a movie, and you’re the director. Let the movie play out in your mind, with ease so that you aren’t tense as you try to hold the thoughts. If it’s hard for you to actually picture your desire unfolding, then use your words for now. Instead of using your imagination to play a film in your mind, try using your words as a narrator to your own story. Both are equally effective, so play with both and choose whichever one feels most powerful and fun to you.

As you continue to play around with visualization, you’ll find that you can visualize even the most vivid, detailed scene right in the middle of a conversation. It really is that easy once you’ve given it several tries.

Don’t Play By Rules

Keep in mind there are no strict rules. You don’t have to keep an image in your mind for any set amount of time in order for it to “work.” However, many teachers like Dr. Wayne Dyer has stated that it only takes *7 seconds for any thought to manifest. How exciting that we can think about something for only *7*  seconds and it’s already in place! Every time you focus on a thought, even if it’s just a still image in your mind, while feeling emotion (such as excitement, love, joy, etc.) you’re already making a difference. By doing this, you’ll be setting your intention, and your desire will no doubt have to manifest for you.Back to those rules that don’t exist — make sure when you go into visualizing that you aren’t tense or too focused on the outcome. Let it come easily and allow the thought to just float past. Don’t try too hard to focus on exactly what you want, just let your mind take care of it. That’s all you have to do, and when you’re at ease, you’ll be able to manifest your desire much quicker.

Meditating first can help, but is not necessary in order to have your desire manifest. You can successfully visualize anywhere, any time, but many people find the shower to be a particularly easy place for it.Believe it.You don’t have to beg someone to give you the experience (or whatever your desire is) you’re hoping to manifest. In fact, the only truly important thing is to be clear on exactly what you want, and state it.

It can help to say, either aloud or to yourself  “I want to spend more time with my significant other.” This is called stating your intention.

From there, try to imagine it as already existing. You have that thing you want. It’s already there. You may not see it and it may not be happening at this instance, but you’ve stated clearly what you want — and hopefully you’ve visualized it once or twice happening — and now it’s already in existence. It’s already being put into motion to occur, and it will. Remembering how things work — and that you’ve already brought your desire into existence — is important as you continue to apply other techniques. When you think of your want, don’t think of it as something to happen in the distant future, get in the mind-set that it’s about to happen any minute. Even if that means acting as if it’s happening tonight (and getting ready for it in whatever ways you would had it been planned out ahead of time.)

If you’re manifestation is something as simple as just wanting to gain time alone to bond with your spouse, or an actual activity you are hoping to create for the two of you, you can focus on the feelings of this event happening.

Would you feel excitement? Passion? Would you want to wear a certain pair of shoes to this event you may have in mind for the two of you? Perhaps you’d like to manifest going for a hike together as an exciting experience to bond through. What are you wearing? Can you see the sweat on your faces as you jog and climb the rocky terrain? Is it cold or warm out?

Do you feel the sun beaming against your face as you share a special, perhaps romantic moment with your spouse during a break as you two sit atop a large rock? Those are just examples that hold a lot of power that you can tweak to match your own goals and intended results.

These examples are the type of things you want to try to see in your mind as you use this visualization tool to create the thing you want to happen. If you can get this far with it, then your manifestation will most certainly make its way to your life. In fact, it’s already on its way. It already exists. Remember those words. Repeat them to yourself.



If you found this post informative or interesting, there will be more tips and examples on this topic coming up.


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