Can E-Cigarettes Really Help You Quit Smoking?


Most smokers understand the hazards of smoking and also want to quit but find themselves trapped in the habit. Habits are easier to form and harder to break. When it comes to something as addictive as a cigarette, this becomes even harder. Thankfully, there are options that will help you kick the habit smoothly and strongly. Of course, you need a strong emotional desire to overcome the urge to smoke every time. Apart from that, there are some tools you can use that will make the transition easier.

You can try e-cigarettes and enjoy the same feeling of actually smoking, without having to smoke real cigarettes. A single cigarette has thousands of harmful chemicals apart from nicotine that harm you in multiple ways. Most fatal diseases today are a result of our own poor lifestyle choices. An electronic cigarette consists of a liquid that is made up of water, propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent that smells like tobacco. All of these elements together mixing with water vapor create an illusion of smoking real cigarettes.

Most smokers still wonder whether electronic cigarettes safe or not. This is very amusing question because e-cigs hardly contain any chemicals. And what do are we comparing them to? ‘Real’ cigarettes, which have thousands of cancer causing chemicals? And the answer is yes, of course they are safe. They are the best replacement you can get for real cigarettes. They do not cause cancer, they do not cause respiratory disorders, and they do not lower your immunity.

Electronic cigarettes are not a new discovery anymore, and the internet is full of testimonies of people who have quit smoking using these tools. If you research a little, you will find two kinds of people –- those who used them as a transition tool, or who used them as a replacement for traditional cigarettes. Even if you stick to e-cigs because of a nicotine addiction, you still save yourself from the tar and tobacco of real cigarettes for the rest of your life. Not only that, you also save your loved ones from the passive second-hand smoke and its harmful effects.

Switching to electronic cigarettes is a convenient option because you can buy them online too. Just take a minute to calculate the amount of money you spend on your current brand every day, every month, and every year. Now calculate the amount of interest you may get if you invest that money. Electronic cigarettes are far cheaper, and you can also buy refills from online websites anytime. It is suggested that you use e-cigarettes as a transitional tool. This means that even though these are not as harmful as traditional cigarettes, they do give you a regular dose of nicotine.

Another liberating property of e-cigs is that you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime. Since what you exhale is only water vapor, you can use them in restricted areas as well. You can satisfy your senses without the additional guilt of harming others. If you travel frequently, you don’t have to worry about a particular country or areas smoking rules, because these are completely legal to use everywhere.

As a past smoker, it is completely your decision to either continue smoking electronic cigarettes or to give them up. They come in varying nicotine content for those who want to give it up some day. Users can simply reduce the nicotine content step by step unless the habit is gone. Whatever your goal is, electronic cigarette can definitely serve as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Thanks to technology, we get a chance to enjoy the benefits without falling into the trap of the negative effects of smoking.

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