Choosing Organic Moisturizers: Made Easy!


Browsing through the beauty section of your nearby departmental store in hopes of finding the ‘right’ product for your skin type is no easy task. With the huge number of products available, all of them with clever marketing strategies, choosing the right one can be difficult, and often, you may end up with some horrible product that may cause an allergic reaction on your skin. People having extremely dry and sensitive skin often find it difficult to find a right product to meet their skin’s need. What’s more, since these creams are loaded with chemicals and are devoid of any natural product whatsoever, using these fancy cosmetics and skincare products could harm you in the long run.

Choosing organic, natural products can not only benefit your skin, but can also play a role in maintaining ecosystem balance. Before you run out to grab an organic moisturizer from your nearby store, here are a few key points to keep in mind.

Points to remember

• Check the label– Make sure what you are buying is actually an organic product. Check out the labeling on the back of the product; if it has a USDA certification, it is truly a chemical-free product. You are most likely to find botanical ingredients and herbal extracts forming a good portion of the entire product.

• Choose quality over quantity- Stay away from tempting ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ and other schemes and offers on cosmetic products. Choose quality over quantity. Organic products , in general, tend to be more costlier than other cosmetic products; but you’ll really get what you pay for.

• Look for the one that suits you- Just because it says ‘organic’ on the bottle, doesn’t mean it is safe. Certain herbs and plant extracts too, can cause allergic reactions in people suffering from sensitive and dry skin. If you have had an allergy test, check for the allergic compound on the ingredients list. If you haven’t had one, consult your dermatologist before using any new product. Benefits of using organic moisturizers

Switching from your high-end cosmetic brand to an organic moisturizer can be a clever idea. Why? That’s because organic moisturizers are based on natural food and plant extracts, which have no side effects associated with their use. They also lend the skin a healthy glow without piling up harmful chemicals on its surface.

Since organic moisturizers are based on botanical extracts, they gently repair damaged skin, and promote overall skin health. Make sure the organic moisturizer you’re choosing is FDA- approved- that way, you’ll be sure that the product has the right natural nutrients and components that won’t harm the skin.

Lastly, choose moisturizers that have good reviews online- check out online if that product has been used previously and people have experienced benefits after its use. Good luck!


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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