How to Understand Your Partner Better


Understanding your partner in a relationship is the key to being best friends.

However, Men and Women have different nature’s. They view the world in a different way from one another. Differences in upbringing may make a relationship a challenge. The way our parents have dealt with us, our childhood home environment, and our own experiences, challenge our relationships with our mate.

Understanding Men:

On the surface, men appear uncomplicated. Deep down inside though, Men have a desire to feel significant in a relationship. Men thrive when they believe that they make their partner happy. They tend to analyze a problem, try to solve it, and move forward. When a man feels insignificant, sadness, frustration and anger may follow.

If a Man is let go at his Job, where’s the first place he’ll head? The bar perhaps? And what does he do there? Pour his emotions out, and seek solace in a friend? Unlikely. Usually you’ll find he talks about sports, gets blind drunk, and tries to forget his emotions.

Understanding Women:

On the other hand, when a woman faces unemployment, she’s likely to seek the comfort of a friend.

Generally , Women seek understanding in a relationship. When her partner listens to her feelings, it signals that he cares for her. She wants comfort, not a rash solution to her problems.

How to understand Each Other:

When a relationship isn’t going well, its easy to blame the other person. He’s a cheat, she so cold toward me, that’s why I strayed, he never listens to me, and he wasn’t there for me. The truth is this: We all bring things into a relationship that will short change the other person. Understanding what the other person needs and acting on it is crucial in a relationship.

If you’re a Man,  think of ways to demonstrate that you’re seeking to understand your partner. Listen to her, talk less and be attentive. Acknowledge her feelings and think over the things she’s saying.

If you’re a woman, help your husband feel significant. He may be annoying, do little in the house, or watch sports all day long. Try to see past these things and give him the opportunity to feel like he makes you happy.

This all seems Great In an Ideal World:

It’s true that this appears a simplistic approach to solving relationship issues. It may require that you take the lead in trying to understand your partner for some time.

Over time though, your partner may notice the change in your relationship and start to draw close. Thats the time to talk, not about what he or she has done to you, but how to improve things for the other person.

Not all relationships work out, but many do. Trying to meet the others emotional needs may save your relationship, or bring your relationship some happiness!

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