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Beach season is here, so is the need to get in shape. Wish you could spend more time at the gym, instead of doing tedious household tasks? You can actually turn domestic cleaning into an effective fitness routine with a couple of clever techniques.

As with any regular fitness routine the more effort you put in, the greater the benefit. Turn standard activities like stretching and bending while tackling your regular cleaning chores into an intense workout. Domestic cleaning can be tiring, but you should avoid making it easy on yourself. Move as much as possible. Go up and down the stairs as you organize and tidy.

Set a Timer

When you have a fixed time to complete a task, you will be less inclined to lag. Don’t take breaks during this period. Moving constantly is important if you want to achieve actual results. Keep in mind that the body burns calories even if it’s only half an hour of exercising!

Blast Your Favorite Track

According to recent studies fast and loud music can get you quickly in the mood for exercising and preserve your rhythm and energy during the process. Make a playlist with a dynamic music and get a-going.

Power up Tiding

Start by putting everything in order. Consider de–cluttering and organizing as your warm up. Try to do it at a fast pace. Items dispersed all over the floor? Squat as you pick those up. Here is how you can do it. Put your feet a little wider than the width of your hips, while facing forwards; push your hips just like sitting on chair and hold for 15 seconds and then rise. Repeat as many times as you can. Keep your stomach muscles tight and your back straight.

Vacuum Lunges

This cleaning chore can quickly get your blood pumping. Don’t forget to keep good posture and make energetic movements so you can fully incorporate your arm and leg muscles. Get creative. For example, turn your regular movements into intense lunges. Want to burn even more calories? Do your cleaning the old school way – with a broom.

Mopping For Body Toning

Since vacuuming and mopping involve the same muscle groups, you can continue with your lunge or squat sets. If you want to tone your entire body, make small pauses. While taking a break, make a set of 12 wall push-ups. Place your hands on a secure surface slightly wider than your shoulder width and your palms facing down. Put your feet back and keep your body straight. Bend your arms while lowering your chest toward the wall. Then straighten your arms, pushing your body away from the surface. It’s even better if you scrub your floors by hand. Mopping only burns a portion of the calories that you can eliminate when doing it manually.

Dusting Aerobics

Add some briskly circular movements to your typical dusting routine and you get a great aerobic session. When cleaning those shelves, don’t use only your forearm, but the entire arm including the shoulder. If your muscles start to burn, switch arms instead of stopping.

Window Workout

Sick and tired of the grime and dirt accumulated on your windows? Spring is the perfect time to take care of the tedious window cleaning. The good news is that this task involves a lot of bending and stretching and can be easily adapted into a workout. Squat whenever possible or train your arms by doing energetic movements.

Get lean while you clean by turning your spring cleaning into spring training.

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