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We are looking for approval in everything we do, and all too often, we’re seeking it from other people. It can be our mother, father, husband, friends, and even co-workers. But we do this without even wondering– why do we need others approval in the first place? If I am happy for who I am, and happy with myself, and loving myself so much, I do not need others approval to do it, right? I mean, what I do or who I am is because I AM. That is a most important thing to remember in life: I AM.

When we are looking out side for what other people think about us, we are generally forgetting who we really are and aren’t loving our selves enough. We have to remember that we are the only ones that really know our true selves. If you think about it, sometimes our own parents even think that we are something that we are not. We are the only ones that know our selves ultimately, and for what we are here for. So…, why look for approval in what we are doing on our own journeys, or for what we are.

Ultimately, cliche as it sounds, we truly have to practice more self love, to make our energy project that, and to make our selves happy. We have to grow not only personal but also spiritually, remembering that we are all unique and we are love for who we are, not for what we have.

How do we do that? Meditation is a great way to centering yourself and going deeper into your heart, feeling for who you really are, and what you like about yourself (as well as the things that you do not like and perhaps mean to change). When you run into the elements of you that you don’t like, standing there at a fork in the road, press on.  Why you do not like this element of you? Because of your ego or because you feel you are not good enough? Is it that maybe because your self esteem is just low at this time? Consider all of these things, and then change all the bad or negative thoughts that you feel about yourself, change the language you use in your own thinking. Do not be hard in yourself. What good does it do? We, after all, are humans, and we need to make mistakes. Now is the time to be happy for the beautiful person, the beautiful soul, and the beautiful spirit that we are, each of us.

So take it to heart. Do not be so hard in yourself, and forgive yourself. Forget about the past, because it is already done. Live in the present, moment by moment, minute by minute, and enjoy every moment like if it is the last. Don’t worry about the future, because it is not written yet. The future is a second after now and you can change that plan or maybe your attitude or your behavior, and that is what you are writing now.

In loving yourself, the future can give you love, peace, harmony and happiness.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.


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